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Lawyers ask Wisconsin Supreme Court to rule in faith healing death

The Wisconsin Supreme Court is hearing the case of Leilani and Dale Neumann, who in separate trials were convicted of second-degree reckless homicide in their daughter’s faith healing death.

The case poses questions for the justices about when the state’s responsibility to protect children trumps religious freedom.

Appeals court recommends Supreme Court hear Neumann case

Dale and Leilani Neumann An Appeals Court based in Wausau, Winconsin will release its decision today on the request by Dale and Leilani Neumann to have their convictions overturned in connection with the 2008 faith healing death of their daughter, Madeline Kara Neumann.

Instead of taking her to doctor when she fell ill, they only prayed for the girl’s recovery. Update: The Appeals Court has recommended in a written ruling released this morning that the state Supreme Court hear the case.