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Father on trial in faith healing death of daughter; convicted mother defends actions

Dale Neumann A central Wisconsin father charged with reckless homicide for not taking his dying daughter to a doctor told police that he believed God would heal her and that he thought she was simply sleeping when she became unconscious.

His wife, convicted of the same charge in May, testified that calling a doctor “would have shown complete disobedience” to what she and her husband believe in.

Sentencing date set for mother in prayer death case; husband to be tried next month

Dale and Leilani Neumann The mother convicted of reckless homicide for praying while her daughter became gravely ill and died of undiagnosed diabetes will be sentenced Oct. 6.

A Marathon County prosecutor is seeking an out-of-county jury to try Dale Neumann because of heavy media coverage during the faith-healing trial of his wife, Leilani Neumann. His trial on a second-degree reckless homicide charge has been scheduled to start July 23.

Jury Convicts Mother Who Prayed for Daughter Instead of Treating Her Fatal Diabetes

faith healing A jury deliberated about four hours before convicting Leilani Neumann, 41, of second-degree reckless homicide. She faces up to 25 years in prison.

Neumann’s daughter, Madeline, died of untreated diabetes March 23, 2008, surrounded by people praying for her.

Dale Neumann, father of Madeline Kara Neumann, faces the same charge in a trial scheduled for July.

Death prayer wrapping up; Defense calls no witnesses

Madeline Neumann Just hours after her 11-year-old daughter died, Leilani Neumann told police she thought the child had suffered a spiritual attack and that the Lord would restore her to life.

When the police officer asked Neumann if she ever thought about taking Kara to a doctor, Neumann said she never thought Kara was that sick.

“It’s not that I’m against doctors or medicine, but I just felt like, you know, my faith was being tested,” Neumann said in the interview.

Mother thought sickness was sin; 911 called twelve hours after daughter went into coma

faith healing Leilani Neumann, 41, is on trial for second-degree reckless homicide in her daughter Madeline’s death March 23, 2008, at the family’s rural Weston home.

Prosecutors called nine witnesses Tuesday, including former friends of the Neumann family, a diabetes specialist and an emergency room doctor to convince jurors that Leilani Neumann showed a reckless regard for her daughter’s health by ignoring symptoms of her deteriorating condition.

Potential jurors quizzed in faith-healing death trial

faith healing Attorneys in the trial of a woman accused of praying for her daughter’s recovery as the girl was dying are close to picking a jury for her weeklong trial.

Kara, as she was known, died on March 23, 2008. Prosecutors say Leilani and her husband, Dale, should have known they had a duty to take the girl to a doctor. Leilani’s attorney, Gene Linehan, said the family practices faith-healing.

Jury selection begins for woman charged in daughter’s faith-healing death

Madeline Neumann Leilani Neumann and her husband, Dale, of the town of Weston, are charged with second-degree reckless homicide in connection with the death of their 11-year-old daughter, Madeline Kara Neumann. Kara, as she was known, died March 23, 2008, from an untreated form of diabetes after her parents chose to pray for her recovery rather than seek traditional medical help.