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Raid on doomsday cult shot in the arm for crusade against fringe religions

cults A month after South Australian police raided more than a dozen properties associated with the bizarre Adelaide-based Agape Ministries doomsday cult, several questions remain unanswered.

But for independent senator Nick Xenophon the weapons found during the raids are a chilling reminder that decisive action must be taken to prevent cults getting footholds in Australian society.

Mom blames housemate, fear of satanic cult for death of son

Diana Lynn Marsh A Tucson woman who is accused of killing her 5-year-old son was thoroughly brainwashed into believing a satanic cult was out to kill her and her son, and those closest to her were part of the plot, a forensic psychologist told jurors Wednesday.

Within a couple of months of meeting Tompson, Marsh testified, she became estranged from everyone she knew, including a pastor she was convinced was part of the satanic group.