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Author believes Tom Cruise pressured Amazon to stop selling book critical of Scientology

scientology expose Amazon spokeswoman Patty Smith insists it was simply Britain’s tough libel laws that forced Amazon.co.uk to yank “The Complex.” The book, a­vail­­­able on Amazon.com as of last Tuesday, is now “temporarily out of stock,” according to the American Web site.

Lawyers for the complaining member, a noncelebrity, want to keep it that way: They’ve demanded the “destruction” of the books.

Smith says: “We definitely want to offer it to our Amazon.com customers. We just don’t have the inventory.”

Ex-Scientologist: I would have killed for Scientology

Insider exposes Scientology A top Scientologist who escaped the cult has given the most explosive insight yet into the shady “celebrity religion”.

A-list followers including Tom Cruise, Kirstie Alley and John Travolta believe their faith is the secret of their success.

But for John Duignan it cost him everything and everyone he held dear after he become a leading figure in the church’s British branch.