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Fake healing: Filipino psychic takes Indians for a ride

The Week (India), Sep, 8, 2002 By N. Bhanutej Prolonging life is one of man’s intense obsessions. Amita Sharma, 38, was no exception. Only, she was running out of time. The mother of three daughters with a master’s in psychology, had surgery for breast cancer in 1998. Three years later, cancer spread to the liver, and then the hip bones. Amita was in the fourth stage-the terminally ill phase-of the disease and there was little that modern medicine could do. Amita, however, clung on to life with yoga, positive thinking and faith. “I want to live for my daughters,”

Psychic Surgery – Magic or Science?

Veena Minocha Hindustan Times, August 8, 2002,00110001.htm The 2nd to the 4th of August 2002 marked an extraordinary time for Delhi as it witnessed the world renowned Psychic Surgeon, the Reverend Alex Orbito, of the Philippines, perform his miraculous bare-hand surgeries, on over a hundred patients! Putting all strong scepticism under their belts, and opening up to try and understand this major psychic phenomenon, the metaphysical peoples of Delhi got together to witness this amazing showcase of other dimensional physical laws, not yet within the conceptual or physical reality of mere humans. Watching this rare showcasing of spiritual surgery