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Pennsylvania State Senator Orie Sought Help From Psychic

Pennsylvania State Senator Jane Orie and her sister, Judge Joan Orie Melvin, apparently asked for some help from a strange place after Sen. Orie became the subject of an investigation of corruption.

Affidavits included in the case against Sen. Orie and her sister, Janine Orie, show that Jane and another sister contacted Carolann Sano, a Philadelphia-based clairaudient, last November while under grand jury investigation.

Witches and miracle healers still rule roost in superstitious Balkans

It might sound weird, but even in 2010 the brooding Balkan countries can’t shake their addiction to psychics, clairvoyants, soothsayers and assorted ‘white witches’, all of which are still doing a roaring trade, from Bulgaria to Translyvania.

Every second Bulgarian who took part in a survey for the Sofia television channel BTV said they believed in supernatural powers, and especially feared a curse being put on them. Professor Ljubomir Halachev confirmed in the programme that “trust in psychic powers and second sight is widespread in Bulgaria”.

The apparently unchallengeable claim by Bulgarian clairvoyants and psychics to paranormal powers rests on the world-renowned reputation of their late peer, the seer Baba Vanga — who is claimed to have predicted, before her death in 1996, a number of world events, including the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, the death of Princess Diana, the break-up of the Soviet Union, the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the US — “two American brothers would fall under attacks by birds of steel” — and the sinking of the Russian nuclear cruise-missile submarine Kursk.

Sylvia Browne: Is she for real?

Sylvia Browne is famous for telling distraught parents where their missing children are – but she gets it wrong. A lot. So why does she still have such a massive following? Jon Ronson took a cruise with America’s most controversial psychic to find out.

Uri Geller’s YouTube takedown

Uri Geller got rich insisting that his supernatural abilities were real, so a number of magicians and skeptics — most notably James “The Amazing” Randi — mounted a campaign to discredit the performer. Randi exposed Geller during numerous TV appearances, demonstrating that his mental feats were nothing more than trickery.