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US Singer Whitney Houston Dies At 48

American singer and actress Whitney Houston, who began performing in a church choir at age 11 to become the best soul singer of all times, has died, her publisher Kristen Foster said Sunday, February 12. She was 48.

The cause of her death was not immediately announced, but the singer was known to have a history of drugs abuse.

“How Bob Dylan prayed the sinners prayer in my home and wrote his first Christian album there”

Al Kasha Two-time Oscar winner, Al Kasha: Bob Dylan “came to the house every week for six months. In fact he wrote the album, ‘Slow Train Coming‘ in in our house.

Bob was, at that time, going through a spiritual search and if you look at his track record as a writer, he was always seeking after Jesus and he finally realized that Jesus was his Savior.”

Rebecca St. James Engaged To Be Married

One of Christian music’s most recognized and beloved artists is opening the New Year with an exciting announcement: Rebecca St. James is engaged to be married, ASSIST News Service reports.

Australian-born St. James will wed the man she’s been waiting for — Jacob Fink – on a date soon to be announced.

Jacob, originally from Colorado, now resides in Southern California. He spent two years as a missionary in South Africa before attending college and graduating summa cum laude with a degree in communications and an emphasis on film production. He worked in television production prior to his current career in music. The couple met through mutual friends in Los Angeles.

Noted Rebecca in a communication to friends: “We are truly amazed at finding our dreams and ideals met in the love we’ve found. We are exceedingly grateful for this precious gift from God.”

Rebecca’s signature song, “Wait For Me,” released in 2000, inspired national attention to the ideals of purity before marriage—a self-lived message she has taken to young people worldwide from her concert stages and through her best-selling books and personal testimony.

Insane Clown Posse — Evangelical Christians?

Insane Clown Posse star Violent J felt relieved after the rap duo ‘came out’ as evangelical Christians, insisting he was “in heaven” after telling fans about his beliefs, according to a

The hip-hop stars have established bad boy reputations with their hardcore horror-themed music, which features profanity as well as misogynistic and violent lyrics.

Earlier this year the Psychopathic hitmakers stunned their loyal followers by revealing they are devout Christians – and Violent J, real name Joseph Bruce, admits he was on a high after the confession.

Something tells us they haven’t yet taken on board that you’ve got to walk the walk instead of just talking the talk

Prince and the Jehovah’s Witnesses

One of the world’s raunchiest rock stars, Prince is in his stacked heels and flamboyant suit strutting from house to house around an ordinary suburban estate.

Flanked by minders, he goes up a garden path, knocks on a door and politely asks the householder: “Would you like to talk about God?”

Prince admits his door-to-door missions as a Jehovah’s Witness raises eyebrows.

Sometimes he tries to escape his fame by going in disguise.

You only have to meet Prince for a few minutes to realise the extent to which God — rather than the colour purple — now influences how he lives.

Much of what he says, as well as his songwriting, revolves around his beliefs these days. Even the mysterious numbers he slots into his material are thought to be coded biblical references.

Incidentally, read what the Watchtower — the organization behind the Jehovah’s Witnesses at your door — had to say about music.

Family Force 5, Kutless want you to toss out those preconceptions you had about Christian music

“As long as we’re not contradicting the word of God and we’re not doing it with an evil heart, music is music,” said James Mead, lead guitarist of Christian rock band Kutless.

Mead says fusing worship music with rock is a way to introduce more people to Christian music — of which there will be a lot at the upcoming Lifest in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Also appearing is Family Force 5, a Christian Crunk-Rock band whose lyrics sometimes upset people.

When the band plays “Put Ur Hands Up” at shows, some people plug their ears or even point their thumbs down because they think the song is judgmental, said Derek Mount, guitarist for Family Force 5. “There are a lot of people out there that want to get offended. If you want to get offended, we’re certainly the right band.”

But don’t be mistaken — the band’s energetic beats and on-stage antics are a reflection of their strong faith in Jesus Christ.

“If anything, the message of Christ when you read about his life and his teachings is super-intense,” Mount said. “For us, the message translates to living life to the fullest extent. That’s what this band is all about. It’s a lot of fun.”

Christian singer disqualified for leading property investment firm into almost £2m debt

A well known singer songwriter from the Christian community has been disqualified from practice after an investigation found he led his investment property firm into debts of nearly £2 million.

Caleb Storkey, 33, from Moss Side in Manchester, signed a disqualification order banning him from managing, controlling or being the director of any company until 2017.