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Beatles bigger than Jesus? Just a Lennon joke: Vatican paper

John Lennon The Vatican’s daily newspaper marked the 40th anniversary of the “The White Album” by dismissing as a “quip” John Lennon’s notorious claim that the Beatles were bigger than Jesus Christ.

At the time, the comment by Lennon to a London newspaper in 1966 infuriated Christians, particularly in the United States, some of whom burned Beatles’ albums in huge pyres.

The Beatles were a Christian band

The Beatles John Lennon famously claimed the Beatles were more popular than Jesus, even predicting that Christianity would “vanish and shrink”.

But 28 years after his death, in an interview being broadcast for the first time, he claims that on the contrary, he hoped to encourage people to focus on the Christian faith.

Madonna Explains Crucifixion Scene

Madonna issued a statement Thursday following the final date of her record-breaking Confessions tour, which wrapped up today in Tokyo, defending her mock-crucifixion as not being “anti-Christian, sacrilegious or blasphemous.”

Barry McGuire triumphed over a personal ‘Eve of Destruction’

Barry McGuire had his 15 minutes of fame – and lived it to the max. A member of the New Christy Minstrels, one of the biggest folk groups of the early 1960s, McGuire traveled the world, made plenty of money, and enjoyed great success as a solo artist with his No. 1 hit song, “Eve of Destruction,” in 1965. “Through the early years of my life, I grew up with a Playboy fantasy,” said McGuire, who will be in concert Thursday night in Napoleon, Ohio. “I had ’32 Ford roadsters and every hot car – a Jag roadster, a Siata

Madonna crucified despite storm

Vatican accuses her of blasphemy and provocation ROME, Italy (Reuters) — Madonna has staged a mock-crucifixion in the Italian capital, ignoring a storm of protest and accusations of blasphemy from the Roman Catholic Church. In a sold-out stadium just a mile from Vatican City, the lapsed-Catholic diva wore a fake crown of thorns as she was raised on a glittery cross during the Rome stop of her worldwide “Confessions Tour.” The Vatican had accused her of blasphemy and provocation for even considering staging the sham crucifixion on its doorstep, anger Madonna further enflamed prior to the show by inviting Pope