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Michael Jackson converts to Islam

Michael Jackson Muslim Pop singer Michael Jackson has confirmed his conversion to Islam — nearly two years after brother Jermaine introduced him to the religion.

The star — whose hits include The Way You Make Me Feel — was spotted looking “a bit down” by a producer and a songwriter who had both embraced Islam.

The source said: “They began talking to him about their beliefs, and how they thought they had become better people after they converted. Michael soon began warming to the idea.

Michael Jackson is building a mosque

Pop superstar Michael Jackson has sparked further speculation he is on the verge of converting to Islam, after pledging to erect a mosque in his adopted home of Bahrain. The Thriller hitmaker has won planning permission to construct a 30-metre (98-foot) building just outside Manama on land adjoining the palace of the Bahraini royal family. The former Jehovah’s Witness has been living in the Middle Eastern nation since he was acquitted of child molestation charges in his native America last June (05). He was recently pilloried for appearing in a Muslim abaya robe, which is traditionally worn by females. “Michael

Jewish group demands Michael Jackson apology

LOS ANGELES, California (AP ) — The Anti-Defamation League on Wednesday demanded an apology from Michael Jackson after ABC aired what was said to be a telephone answering-machine message in which the pop star referred to Jews as “leeches” The message was supposedly recorded two years ago and has now surfaced in connection with a lawsuit against the pop star. “Michael Jackson has an anti-Semitic streak and hasn’t learned from his past mistakes,” ADL director Abraham H. Foxman said in a statement. “It seems every time he has a problem in his life, he blames it on Jews.” Jackson infuriated

Jacko Fires the Nation of Islam

Michael Jackson is ending his relationship with the Nation of Islam, sources tell Jackson has apparently decided, in the wake of firing his lead attorneys over the weekend, to also get rid of his controversial recent “business manager” Leonard Muhammad, son-in-law of Louis Farrakhan. The change in Jackson’s camp reflects the sudden rise to power of Michael’s brother Randy and Randy’s own advisor, Brian Oxman, who have gained leverage with the singer of late. It was Randy and Oxman who engineered the hiring of Thomas Mesereau as Jackson’s new lead attorney in his child molestation case. One of Mesereau’s

New Jackson accuser “recovered” memories

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – A new sexual molestation investigation of singer Michael Jackson has been prompted by claims brought by an 18-year-old said to have recovered repressed memories of an assault over a decade ago, sources close to the case say. The Los Angeles Police Department announced on Tuesday that it is investigating claims that Jackson sexually assaulted a man in the late 1980s — allegations that Jackson’s lawyers have called baseless. Separate sources close to the case told Reuters on Wednesday that the alleged victim, who is now 18, recently recalled repressed memories of an assault from when he

Islamic leader jumps to Jacko’s defence

Washington: ‘Nation Of Islam‘ leader Louis Farrakhan has rushed to pop icon Michael Jackson’s defence, as the troubled pop star continues his fight against nine counts of child molestation charges. Farrakhan pledged his support to the ‘Thriller’ star who stands accused of sexually abusing a teenage boy during an annual speech to supporters of his radical black Muslim group in Chicago. “We don’t believe Michael is guilty. And there are a lot of people that know the mother who is accusing him and the little boy that he helped to heal, and they don’t believe Michael is guilty,” Farrakhan was

Farrakhan army flanks star

The Nation of Islam‘s involvement in Michael Jackson’s affairs was on very public display yesterday. Nation of Islam Louis Farrakhan: in his own words Research resources on the Nation of Islam Outside the courthouse, stern men in dark suits with walkie-talkies were posted every few feet and formed a human wall around the singer. And there they were again at Neverland Ranch, wordlessly keeping invited guests away from the house. Their front-and-center presence raises new questions about whether Louis Farrakhan’s group is secretly in charge of Jackson’s empire. “They are in control. Their influence is very substantial,” insists Stuart Backerman,