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Jackson, Nation of Islam no role

Jackson’s lawyer said the singer was in “full control” of his affairs. LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) — Michael Jackson‘s attorney denied reports that the Nation of Islam was taking control of the singer’s business, saying that Jackson was in “full control” of his affairs. “The idea that there is some takeover by the Nation of Islam — someone is spinning you,” lawyer Mark Geragos said in a statement posted Sunday on Jackson’s Web site. Jackson, 45, is free on $3 million bail after prosecutors in Santa Barbara County, California, charged him with child molestation in December. He faces seven counts

Jackson case hit by race and lies

First money, now clash of faiths clouds pop sex case Prosecutor Tom Sneddon knows all about rich people, presiding as he does over the opulent California coastal town of Santa Barbara – a sort of Beverly-Hills-on-Sea. Yet not even he foresaw the clash between the powerful forces of money, media, race and now religion that would erupt after seven charges of sexually molesting a boy of 13 were brought against the world’s most famous entertainer. Michael Jackson‘s multi-millions, his telegenic lawyer, the struggle for public sympathy and now the intervention of a militant black Muslim group have grossly distorted what

The cult ‘taking control’ of Jackson’s life

As Michael Jackson spoke for the first time since he was charged with child molestation his loyal spokesman was missing from the Christmas Day taping session for a television special. After more than a decade of service to his pop star boss, Stuart Backerman’s place was taken by Leonard Muhammad, the Nation of Islam chief of staff and newly installed Jackson confidante. Last Sunday, the interview with Ed Bradley on 60 Minutes, for which Jackson was said to have been paid $1m, was broadcast in the United States. The following day Backerman resigned in protest at the group’s presence. He

Racist sect ‘helps Jacko’

Michael Jackson has fallen under the influence of the controversial Nation of Islam movement, it was claimed last night. The black separatist group – whose leader Louis Farrakhan views whites as ‘devils’ and Jewish people as ‘bloodsuckers’ – is keeping the singer ‘semi- captive’, according to his close aides. They are also allegedly having a greater say in his legal and media affairs following his arrest five weeks ago on child abuse charges. Sources in America claim Jackson has moved into a Los Angeles house with members of the sect – which advocates a separate African-American state – after vowing

Sources: Nation of Islam playing key role in Jackson’s affairs

LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) — The separatist African-American Nation of Islam is playing a significant and critical role in the affairs and future plans of pop star Michael Jackson, who is now battling criminal child molestation charges, sources close to the situation said Tuesday. The news comes just one day after Jackson’s chief spokesman Stuart Backerman quit his job, citing “strategic differences in the direction that things are going.” ( Leonard Muhammad, the chief of staff and son-in-law of the Nation of Islam’s founder, Louis Farrakhan, has an integral role in determining Jackson’s business affairs, the sources told CNN. Muhammad

Nation of Islam Denies Business Ties to Michael Jackson

CHICAGO (Reuters) – The Nation of Islam, the African-American Muslim movement led by Louis Farrakhan, has denied having an official relationship with Michael Jackson amid reports the group is controlling the pop singer’s business. “The Nation of Islam, in response to several inquiries, has said today that it has no official business or professional relationship with Mr. Michael Jackson,” according to a statement posted on the group’s Web site on Monday. “The Nation of Islam joins thousands of other people in wishing him well.” A spokesman could not be reached on Tuesday to elaborate on the statement. On Monday, chief

Nation of Islam is latest twist in Jackson case

LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) — The public relations firm hired by the Santa Barbara County district attorney’s office denied it “played the race card” in the child molestation case against Michael Jackson, countering a statement made by defense attorney Mark Geragos on CNN’s “Larry King Live” Thursday. King asked Geragos about news reports stating that his client had joined Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam, and that renowned defense attorney Johnnie Cochran would be replacing Geragos. “The fact of the matter is — you want to know where this originates from? It’s the PR firm that the prosecution hired,” Geragos said.

Jackson ‘joins’ Nation of Islam

Michael Jackson became a member of the black group Nation of Islam on the eve of being formally charged with child molestation, the New York Post reported today. The newspaper quoted unnamed sources as saying Jackson became a member of the black Muslim organisation led by Louis Farrakhan on Wednesday night. “The King of Pop is restyling himself Jacko X,” said the newspaper. “High-ranking members of Nation of Islam have been working to bring Jackson into Reverend Louis Farrahkan’s flock – and Jackson’s conversion is now well-known in the NOI community,” said the report. Farrakhan’s organisation, which is controversial because