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India Girls Escaping anti-Christian Violence Face Sexual Abuse

India Girls escaping deadly anti-Christian violence in India’s volatile state of Orissa face sexual after human traffickers falsely promise them a better life, human rights investigators claim.

At least four girls have been trafficked to India’s metropolis Delhi where they were “sold” to a placement agency, according to advocacy groups All India Christian Council (AICC) and Human Rights Law Network’s Anti-Human Trafficking Initiatives.

Faith-based fashion company rescues women from human trafficking

Former model Giselle Meza‘s career allowed her to visit exotic locations and world-renowned sights, but it was witnessing the worst violations of human rights that stuck with her throughout the years.

“The more I would go on great assignments around the world and if we’re in Africa for a shoot€¦we were using that beautiful backdrop for pictures and for making so much money,” she said. “But behind me were these beautiful little children and women that were really just experiencing a lot of need and injustice.”

Out of her desire to help victims of human trafficking, Meza created Puresa Organics, a faith-based company whose goal is to empower women through spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional rehabilitation. The company then gives rescued women new skills and provides employment so that they are able to sustain themselves and start a new life.

Partnering with Project Rescue Nepal, the company started in 2007 with twelve rescued women and has grown to 265 in three years.

Project Rescue is another faith-based organization that aims to provide a safe haven for victims of sex trafficking.

Child-trafficking trade: Ritual killing and slavery in Britain

Discovery of an African boy’s headless and limbless body in River Thames leads to arrests of 21 syndicate members The Straits Times (Singapore), Aug. 4, 2003,4386,202856,00.html By Alfred Lee LONDON – It was a nightmarish and gruesome find: the body of a young boy with his head, arms and legs all chopped off and missing, floating in the River Thames near London’s famous Tower Bridge. Scotland Yard police could only guess that the boy was aged between four and seven and given the name Adam. The torso, which had deep knife wounds, was clad in only a pair of