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Gilbert Deya is a Kenyan preacher who lives in the UK. He claims to head the world’s fastest growing ministry.

He also claims that his prayers help infertile women to get pregnant. These women then must travel to Kenya in order to deliver their babies. DNA tests carried out by British authorities on one of these babies proved that the child’s DNA differed from that of its parents.

Deya is fighting his extradition to Kenya, where he is wanted to stand trial on kidnapping and child trafficking charges.

In October, 2013, while still in the UK, Gilbert Deya was arrested on charges op rape and other sexual assualt.

‘Miracle Babies’ Pastor Gilbert Deya Charged With Sex Offenses

A UK pastor already facing extradition to his native Kenya to face charges of child stealing and trafficking — allegedly to provide infertile women in his church with ‘miracle babies’ — is facing more legal trouble.

Self-proclaimed archbishop Gilbert Deya has been placed in custody on charges of rape, attempted rape, and inappropriate touching.

Alleged abuse of abducted ‘miracle child’ poses more questions for council that failed Baby P.

Gilbert Deya Police are investigating allegations of serious abuse of a five-year-old victim of child trafficking while he was in the care of Haringey, the London council that failed to prevent the death of Baby P.

The boy had been snatched from his home in Africa and presented to a follower of Gilbert Deya, a self-styled archbishop who claimed to be able to cure infertility through prayer. Once the child was in the UK, the follower adopted the boy – known as Child C – as a “miracle baby“. He was seized by police and since 2003 has been passed between six different sets of carers. Deya faces extradition to Kenya, where he is wanted on child abduction charges.