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‘Pot church’ member sentenced to three months in jail

Cannabis Kharaghani, along with co-accused Peter Styrsky, who was released earlier this month for time served, are members and ministers in the Church of the Universe, a group of several thousand adherents that believes the cannabis plant is the “tree of life” and marijuana and hashish are sacraments that open the door to communing with God.

That forced the court to deal with the highly philosophical issue of what constitutes a religion and how an individual’s religious belief can be judged to be sincere instead of simply a ruse for criminal activity.

Church of the Universe seeks exemption to pot laws

Cannabis Canadians are as good at religious tolerance as they are at hockey, a lawyer for members of a branch of The Church of the Universe argued Tuesday.

Lawyer Paul Lewin said based on that Canadian tolerance, if marijuana is religious to some — as he feels the defence has proven — Toronto’s G-13 Mission of God should be shut out of Canada’s marijuana laws.

It isn’t clear yet if that argument has scored with the judge presiding over the charter challenge by two members of the Church of the Universe busted for drug charges back in 2006.

Marijuana: Holy Smoke?

Marijuana smokers may enjoy soaring moods and hearty appetites but they also can suffer short-term memory loss and reduced intellect, an expert testified Friday.

Dr. Harold Kalant was providing his expert testimony on both the adverse effects and benefits of pot at a constitutional challenge by a Toronto church — the “Church of the Universe.”

Reverend Eddy does Xmas in the joint

Pot politician will miss Igloolik’s Christmas cheer The man who ran as Nunavut’s Marijuana Party candidate during the last federal election will spend Christmas inside a maximum-security prison. Ed deVries is presently serving a six-month prison sentence for trafficking marijuana and laundering the proceeds of crime at the Central East Detention Centre in Lindsay, Ontario. The Ontario prison holds convicts serving sentences of less than two years, such as deVries, as well as inmates detained before trial who are considered to be a flight risk, or too dangerous to be at large. The jail can hold 1,200 inmates. It’s unclear