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Sheriff says character-based training decreasing crime, increasing trust

ST. GEORGE — What is “character,” and why is Dorchester County Sheriff Ray Nash so intent on instilling exemplary character traits in his officers and staff? Character is defined in Webster’s Ninth Collegiate Dictionary as “the complex mental and ethical traits marking and often individualizing a person, group or nation.” Meeting monthly with his officers and staff for in-service training, Nash promotes character in his department by using 49 character qualities as outlined by the Character Training Institute, a non-profit organization based in Oklahoma City, Okla. As stated on the organization’s Web site: “The mission of the Character Training Institute

Character First! won’t improve staff morale

Our current political leaders have taken the art of say-one-thing-and-do-another to new heights. Secretary Jerry Regier, of the Florida Department of Children & Families, recently called for applause for DCF staffers for their hard work and remarkable achievements. Meanwhile, back at the department, he has discovered the source of the problems at the beleaguered agency: the workers are deficient in character. And better yet, the governor, the secretary and the Legislature, have the cure: mandated attendance in a program titled Character First! Imagine that you are a 50-year-old case worker with 25 years’ experience with DCF in Orlando. You come

Character training riles DCF workers

Program based on evangelist’s teachings Florida Today, Aug. 3, 2003 By Paige St. John, FLORIDA TODAY TALLAHASSEE — Children and Families director Jerry Regier is using his fundamental Oklahoma roots to make employees of Florida’s embattled agency participate in mandatory character-training sessions. Regier has contracted with Oklahoma City-based Character Training Institute. The nonprofit company, with direct ties to evangelist Bill Gothard, is providing the curriculum for some 1,750 agency workers in the Orlando region, which also includes Brevard County. Regier made the material available to former Oklahoma deputy and current Orlando chief David Dennis. DCF employees were not uniformly

DCF Urges Spread of Character Program

The Ledger (Florida), Aug. 10, 2003 By Eric Pera, The Ledger LAKELAND — The state’s embattled child-welfare agency wants to build a more compassionate, efficient work force through a character fitness program with roots in biblical teachings. The Character First! program has sparked controversy on grounds that it breaches the wall dividing church and state. Program administrators insist course materials are strictly secular. Still, Character First! has been embraced by Gov. Jeb Bush and Jerry Regier, the state’s childwelfare chief who has pledged to restore the agency’s credibility and boost morale. Currently, the program is being taught in the