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For rent: a front-row view of the Apocalypse

Bugarach, a tiny farming village (population: 200) in the southwest of France, has been inundated with New Agers, UFO-enthousiasts, and other ‘esoterics’ who believe it is the only place on earth that will be safe from the ‘Apocalypse’ — which they expect will take place on December 21.

According to them aliens waiting inside the mountain will rescue them in their space ships.

The mayor is concerned, but locals are renting out their homes to those seeking salvation.

French village seen at threat from Apocalypse sects

Bugarach The tiny southern French hamlet of Bugarach has drawn scrutiny from a government sect watchdog over droves of visitors who believe it is the only place in the world that will survive a 2012 Apocalypse.

So many people in France believe that the world is about to end that a government agency today alerted the country to the risk of mass suicides by converts to prophesies of imminent Armageddon.