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For rent: a front-row view of the Apocalypse

Bugarach, a tiny farming village (population: 200) in the southwest of France, has been inundated with New Agers, UFO-enthousiasts, and other ‘esoterics’ who believe it is the only place on earth that will be safe from the ‘Apocalypse’ — which they expect will take place on December 21.

According to them aliens waiting inside the mountain will rescue them in their space ships.

The mayor is concerned, but locals are renting out their homes to those seeking salvation.

Marilyn Ferguson, 70, dies; writer’s ‘The Aquarian Conspiracy’ was pivotal in New Age movement

Marilyn Ferguson Marilyn Ferguson, the author of the 1980 bestseller “The Aquarian Conspiracy” and a galvanizing influence on participants in scores of alternative groups that coalesced as the New Age movement, died Oct. 19 at her home in Banning.

Ferguson was embraced as a beacon. Her book became “the most commonly accepted statement of Movement ideals and goals,” wrote J. Gordon Melton in the New Age Encyclopedia.

Touring the Spirit World

More than a mere sales gimmick, spirituality tours are taken very seriously by their participants, who are commonly pantheistic, choosing to believe in truths of every religion rather than just one. They also invoke the whole panoply of New Age beliefs, finding power in crystals, aromatherapy and, of course, pyramids.