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Abu Qatada: Radical preacher freed on bail

The hate criminal was ordered last month when three high court judges upheld the radical Palestinian-Jordanian preacher’s appeal against deportation to Amman on the grounds that he was likely to face a terrorism trial based on evidence from witnesses who had been tortured.

UK: Muslim preacher Abu Izzadeen guilty of inciting terrorism

Izzadeen, whose real name is Trevor Brooks, 32, led a group of Islamic radicals – including Keeler – who stormed the moderate Regents Park Mosque in central London and then forced back police who tried to evict them. While western troops were fighting in Fallujah in Nov 2004 the group delivered a series of speeches at the mosque boasting that they were terrorists and exhorting followers to give donations to buy arms for the holy war in Iraq.

UK: Top terror recruiter found guilty

The trial and conviction in the UK of Mohammed Hamid has been one of the most important counter-terrorism prosecutions since 9/11, say police. Prosecutors say this man was at the top of a network identifying and grooming young men to go abroad to fight – and possibly come back to Europe for acts of terrorism.

Muslim fanatic in soldier kidnap plot showed son, 5, how to behead British ‘infidels’

Prompted by his father, the five-year-old says he also wants to kill “Kuffar” (an abusive term for a non-Muslim), “Hindu”, “Sheedi” (a term for a black man), “Pathan” (a member of an Indian tribe) and “Sharab” (alcohol). Khan – whose role looking after his 71-year-old mother “earned” him an allowance of £160 a week – was also recorded telling associates the only reason he was living in the UK was to steal the nation’s wealth and send it abroad.

Jailed Islamic extremist faces US extradition

Abu Hamza and his supporters used threats and violence to take over a mosque in Finsbury Park, north London, which they turned into an academy for jihadi terrorism. He is serving a seven-year sentence in Britain for inciting hatred, but the government wants him sent to the US before his jail term is completed.