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WikiLeaks: Guantánamo Bay terrorists radicalised in London to attack Western targets

Islam The Finsbury Park mosque in north London served as a “haven” for Islamic extremists as the capital became a central hub in the worldwide movement of Muslim militants, US documents seen by WikiLeaks showed Monday.

The files, written by senior US military commanders at Guantanamo Bay, called the Finsbury Park mosque “an attack planning and propaganda production base” and named preachers Abu Qatada and Abu Hamza as key recruiters.

Extradition of Islamic extremists halted by human rights court

The extradition of a British man held without trial for six years has been halted after European judges raised concerns about the harsh conditions of detention in America’s high-security prisons. Babar Ahmad, a 36-year-old computer expert, is the longest serving prisoner held without charge or trial in the UK, refused bail since his arrest in August 2004 on a US extradition warrant.

In an interim ruling yesterday the court in Strasbourg said it wanted more time to examine possible human rights breaches if Mr Ahmad was transferred on charges which could mean life sentences without parole.

The case also affects the extradition of the radical preacher Abu Hamza and two other British men held on US extradition warrants in the UK.

All four men were described by the European Court of Human Rights as “alleged international terrorists”, indicted on various charges.

Judges dismissed claims that US trial procedures would amount to a denial of justice, or that any of the four would be designated as “enemy combatants” and therefore exposed to a possible death penalty if convicted.

However, they said there was a real risk that, in the case of “post-trial detention”, Mr Ahmad would be held at a “supermax” jail — the US Penitentiary Administrative Maximum Facility, Florence, Colorado, known for short as “ADX Florence”.

That raised concerns about breaches of Article 3 of the Human Rights Code on torture and inhuman or degrading treatment. The US has a poor human rights record when it comes to torture.

Prohibition of torture and inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

Muslim terrorists smuggle fatwas promoting Jihad out of secure UK prisons

Muslim terrorists promote jihad from prison In an authoritative report, Quilliam, a counter-extremism think tank funded by the UK’s Home Office, claims “mismanagement” by the Prison Service is helping Al Qaeda gain recruits and risks “strengthening jihadist movements”.

For instance, Abu Qatada, described by MI5 as “Osama Bin Laden’s right-hand man in Europe”, has published fatwas — religious rulings — on the internet from Long Lartin prison, in Worcestershire, calling for holy war and the murder of moderate Muslims, it reveals.

Religion News Roundup: vampire-free school; Scientists who believe in God; FLDS: ‘compound’ or ‘ranch’?

Religion News In today’s RNB religion news roundup: a vampire-free school; another look at a Scientology cult compound; Question: do the FLDS polygamists in Texas live on a ‘ranch’ or a ‘compound’.

With ‘brainwashing’ and ‘deprogramming’ in the news (1 Mind Ministries), we highlight some cult-related terminology; Free e-book: 50 Nobel Laureates And Other Great Scientists Who Believe In God.

Ethics: Spanish court weighs inquiry on torture for 6 Bush-era officials; probably not related, but a study says that the ‘eye for an eye’ approach does not pay.

The Church Around The Corner (where we find our offbeat religion news) includes a Baptist preacher who wants to again run for the organization he bilked.

And that’s not all…

Islamist sect banned as security threat is recruiting teenagers

islamic hate criminals A militant Islamic sect banned by the Government as a threat to national security has launched a campaign to radicalise teenagers in east London, the Evening Standard can reveal.

Al-Muhajiroun, headed by exiled cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed, tonight begins a recruitment drive targeting young Muslims – despite being outlawed under terror laws introduced in the wake of the 7/7 suicide bomb attacks on London.

Several members of the sect have been jailed in recent years for terror-related offences but there are fears the group is thriving again under a new name.

MI5: Terrorists not frustrated religious loners

MI5 terrorism report Research from the security service found it was impossible to draw up a typical profile of a “British Terrorist” contradicting the perception that all are traditional religious fanatics or Islamic fundamentalists.

The classified report on radicalisation concluded there was no single pathway to violent extremism and no easy way to identify those who would become involved in terrorism in Britain.