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Polygamist cult leader suing B.C. government

Winston Blackmore Winston Blackmore, the leader of a polygamous community in southeastern British Columbia who has admitted to having multiple wives, is suing the provincial government for violating his rights when he was charged last year.

The charges were thrown out last fall after the men’s lawyers successfully argued in court that the decision of a previous special prosecutor not to lay charges was final.

Polygamist Winston Blackmore predicts opponents will be ‘damned’

Winston Blackmore Winston Blackmore, Canada’s best known polygamist, foresees a year of doom for those that deliberately break up families or interfere with a person’s freedom.

The cult leader was charged with polygamy earlier this year, but the court quashed the charges on procedural grounds, deciding that the government had unfairly gone “prosecutor shopping” to find someone to prosecute Mr. Blackmore after two independent prosecutors had advised against it.

Polygamy charges have no bearing on moral advice, cult leader says

Winston Blackmore Winston Blackmore says charges of polygamy against him have not undermined his authority to offer advice on moral issues.

The Globe and Mail earlier this week reported that Mr. Blackmore was offering online advice to women in abusive relationships.

Nancy Mereska, who has campaigned against polygamy, was startled by Mr. Blackmore offering moral advice. All polygamous relationships are abusive, she said in an interview with The Globe and Mail

B.C. polygamist leader decries child sex abuse

Winston Blackmore Winston Blackmore, who openly admits to having numerous wives and dozens of children, said parents at Bountiful protect their children from abuse.

But he declined to discuss allegations that older men in his community marry teenaged girls — a violation of statutory rape laws — while other girls are sent to sister polygamous groups in the United States to marry older men there.

Winston Blackmore: Polygamist group’s leader expects to be charged soon

Winston Blackmore has at least 20 wives and more than 100 children. Allegedly one or more of his wives married at age 15. The leader of Canada’s largest polygamist group, Winston Blackmore, believes that within days he will be charged with sexual offences. “We have one very reliable source that indicates that it will happen.” Blackmore said in an e-mail. For nearly two years, the RCMP has been investigating allegations that fundamentalist Mormon leaders, including 49-year-old Blackmore, have been sexually exploiting girls as young as 14 by either assigning them as plural wives to other men or taking them for

Where polygamy rules

On a B.C. commune called Bountiful, a Mormon sect keeps the world at bay CRESTON – As I drove up to the Bountiful commune, three blond boys, about age 11, spotted me. They stopped — stunned, panic on their faces. The day was hot. The air tasted of smoke from a brush fire south of the B.C.-Idaho border. Despite the heat, the boys were wearing long jeans and dark long-sleeve shirts, because the polygamists who run this Mormon fundamentalist community forbid the exposing of bare arms and legs. The boys began scrambling up a trail to get away. They glanced