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Head of Family cult Anne Hamilton-Byrne settles claim by accuser out of court

Anne Hamilton-Byrne Anne Hamilton-Byrne, the former head of Australia’s Family cult, has made a secret out-of-court settlement with one of her alleged victims, who claimed he was routinely injected with LSD at her behest.

Supreme Court documents show at least five former cult members in the past four years have sued the self-appointed mystic for treatment they claimed to have suffered at her hands or under her direction.

Survivor of The Family cult spared conviction

Sarah Moore, the woman who broke away from The Family cult, became a doctor and then wrote herself dozens of prescriptions for pethidine, has escaped conviction and jail. Magistrate Nunzio La Rosa imposed a community-based order of 250 hours unpaid work and a four-year good behaviour bond on Ms Moore, 35, who last week pleaded guilty to 160 charges relating to writing prescriptions for pethidine from November 2004 to April this year. The bond conditions require her to continue a drug rehabilitation program, obey instructions from her psychiatrist and follow orders of the Victorian Doctors Health Program. Mr La Rosa

Doctor guilty of forging prescriptions to treat herself

A doctor who was raised in a notorious Victorian cult has been placed on a community order for forging drug prescriptions. Sarah Moore, 35, has been placed on a two-year community-based order after pleading guilty to 160 charges of forging and obtaining pethidine from Melbourne chemists over six months from October last year. Ringwood Magistrates Court has been told the doctor was self-medicating her bipolar disorder, depression and post-traumatic stress after enduring a deprived childhood in Anne Hamilton-Byrne’s cult The Family in the 1970s and 1980s. The court was told Moore was taking dangerously high and sometimes near-lethal doses to

Cult survivor ends up in court

In her book Unseen Unheard Unknown – which borrows its title from the motto of the cult she escaped from – Sarah Moore feared her nascent medical career would be damaged as a result of being in “The Family“. Yesterday that career was in jeopardy when she faced court on prescription-drug charges. In the 1970s and ’80s The Family’s leader, Anne Hamilton-Byrne, adopted 14 children, including Moore, and brought them up to believe they were her own, subjecting them to a regimen of isolation, indoctrination and extreme discipline. Moore wrote that she was violated by a diet of drugs, violence,

Cult deserter granted bail in drug case

Sarah Moore, a woman who broke away from the 1980s cult “The Family“, was granted bail yesterday while facing charges of forging dozens of prescriptions to feed her pethidine addiction. Police allege Moore, 35, practised medicine after she was suspended as a doctor. Ringwood Court heard yesterday there had been multiple breaches of bail including pethidine use and all offences related to use of the drug. Magistrate Nunzio La Rosa said bail was granted on condition that Moore reside at a Prahran drug rehabilitation centre. She is due to appear in Ringwood Court on June 21. Police said Moore was

Woman sues The Family founder over cruelty

A woman who was brought up in the notorious religious sect The Family is suing its leader, Anne Hamilton-Byrne, for cruel and inhumane treatment she claims she was subjected to as a child. Anouree Crawford, 34, was raised as a member of The Family from 1974, when she was four, until 1987, when she was removed from a property in Eildon during a police raid. In a statement of claim filed in the Supreme Court last month, Ms Crawford, of Warrandyte, said she was assaulted and starved as a form of punishment. She said her head was immersed in a

Former cult member takes leader to court

A former member of a well-publicised Victorian religious cult has launched a lawsuit, claiming long-term psychological injuries from her treatment in the sect. Anne Hamilton-Byrne was the leader of a religious cult called the “The Family” which was known for its bleached-blonde haired children. It attracted attention in 1987 when police raided a property at Lake Eildon and removed a number of youths, including Anouree Crawford. Ms Crawford, 34, is suing Ms Hamilton-Byrne in the Victorian Supreme Court, alleging she was denied adequate food, education and socialisation. The Statement of Claim alleges she was subjected to severe punishment and assaults,