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Web suicide pacts surge in Japan

The number of Japanese who killed themselves in suicide pacts made over the internet rose sharply last year. Police said 91 people died in the pacts in 2005, compared with 55 in 2004 and 34 in 2003, when the records started. Alarm at the rise has led to increased vigilance by internet service providers, who now report suspected suicide pacts to the authorities. Japan has one of the highest suicide rates in the world, and the pacts may appeal to those scared to die alone. Police figures showed 34 internet-arranged suicide pacts were recorded last year. Of the 91 people

Suicide websites

Clampdown on chatrooms after two strangers die in first internet death pact Internet companies are being urged by the Home Office to make so-called suicide websites and chatrooms more difficult to access. The move comes after two strangers forged Britain’s first internet suicide pact, dying side by side two days after making contact for the first time on a chatroom dedicated to discussions about suicide. Following a spate of online suicide pacts in Japan and elsewhere, psychiatrists are warning that Britain may be about to witness a disturbing new trend, with young people in particular using the chatrooms to make

Campaigners fear creation of a British suicide cult

Campaigners are calling for a ban on websites that promote suicide amid fears that Britain is in danger of embracing “a suicide cult“. Experts warn that unless stringent controls are introduced, suicide pacts will became commonplace in Britain and it will be a matter of time before teenagers broadcast videos of their deaths on the internet. Calls for the Government to create safeguards came after it emerged last week that two strangers who met online killed themselves in what is thought to be Britain’s first internet double suicide pact. The bodies of Christopher Aston, 25, a student from Liverpool, and

Strangers die after suicide pact on internet

Two strangers who met online killed themselves in what is thought to be Britain’s first internet suicide pact. Christopher Aston, 25, of Liverpool, and Maria Williams, 42, also known as Sanchez, from Deptford, south-east London, were found slumped in a car in a retail park in London with a tray of burning charcoal. They had died of carbon monoxide poisoning. They had never seen each other before and had spoken only briefly on the telephone, an inquest in Southwark, south London, was told. The case prompted calls for websites promoting suicide to be banned. Mr Aston travelled to London in

Japan’s internet ‘suicide clubs’

In Japan, the internet has been blamed for a spate of group suicides which appear to have been arranged in online chat rooms. Andrew Harding talked to one young man searching for someone to die with. Naoki opened his apartment door with a surprisingly warm smile, and beckoned us in to a neat living room. His computer was switched on – the screen facing out towards Naoki’s eleventh floor balcony, and the night sky above Tokyo’s eastern suburbs. “Last night I was up all night,” said Naoki, smiling again, “talking online to this woman who really – I mean really

9 found dead in suspected Internet suicide pacts

Seven people were found dead in a car in Saitama Prefecture early Tuesday, minutes before two more bodies were discovered under similar circumstances in a vehicle in Kanagawa Prefecture, in what appeared to be group suicides linked to the Internet, police said. In both incidents, the occupants of the two vehicles appeared to have committed suicide through carbon monoxide poisoning, burning briquettes in portable cooking stoves to release the gas. Only two weeks earlier, four people who apparently met through the Internet were found dead in a rented car about four kilometers away from where the car in Saitama was

Suicide pact leaves four poisoned inside van

SAITAMA — Three men and a woman died from carbon monoxide poisoning after burning portable cookers inside a sealed van, police said. A man who spotted the car in a mountainous area of Minano, Saitama Prefecture, called police Tuesday afternoon, saying, “I’ve found a bunch of people slumped in a parked van.” Saitama police officers arrived on the scene to find three men and a woman dead inside the car. After finding suicide notes in their clothing and bags saying they were “disgusted with the world,” the officers concluded that they had committed suicide. The officers also found four portable

Japan’s suicide rate climbs to 10th highest in world

Japan has the 10th highest suicide rate in the world, a report by the World Health Organization (WHO) has shown. Excluding the former Soviet Union and the Eastern bloc, Japan’s rate of suicides per 100,000 people is the highest among advanced nations. In the previous WHO report in 1999, Japan was placed 23rd, based on 1996 figures. However, a sharp rise in suicides among men aged between 45 and 64 has pushed the rate higher. The WHO report said the number of suicides totaled about 1 million people worldwide, more than the collective number of people murdered and killed in

Chatmates watched internet suicide

Nancy Russell buttoned her dressing gown against the winter chill as she tiptoed across the landing to the bedroom opposite her own. It was 9am and she didn’t expect Brandon, her 21-year-old son, to be awake. Hesitantly she tapped on the door, then turned the handle. “I remember smiling because he had gone to sleep on top of his bed, yet again,” Nancy says. She had no cause for concern. Brandon often sat up very late surfing the net when he was off university the next day. He always slept in. “Downstairs in the kitchen I remember thinking how well