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Girl who filmed own suicide had cult ties

Johannesburg – A teenage girl from Johannesburg who filmed her own suicide last week apparently was involved with a pagan cult and had earlier mentioned her thoughts about suicide on an internet website. The body of Aimee de la Harpe, 15, was found by her stepfather in their house on Wednesday afternoon. She had hanged herself from a security gate with a dog leash. Superintendent Chris Wilken confirmed that police were investigating images of the scene in a camera. No suicide note was found. Aimee regularly discussed her depression with visitors to a blog on the website She made

Hanged girl: Shocking twist

Johannesburg – In a shocking twist to the tragic death of a 15-year-old girl who hanged herself in Emmerentia in Johannesburg, it appears as though her biological father also committed suicide several years ago. It is believed that the girl filmed her suicide with a digital camera. According to police, the girl – whose name has not been released – hanged herself between 14:30 and 16:00 in her room with a dog leash from a security gate leading to the garden. Superintendent Chris Wilken said police are investigating the footage found on the camera in the room. The girl had

Teenage girl films her suicide

Johannesburg – Friends and relatives arrived in a state of shock at the Emmerentia home to console the parents of a 15-year-old girl who hanged herself on Wednesday and filmed her suicide. The girl used a dog leash to hang herself from a security gate on Wednesday afternoon while her mother was at home. The police found a digital camera where she hanged herself and it is now in their possession. Police superintendent Chris Wilken said the girl’s room looked out on the garden around the house. ”The security gate from which she hanged herself is in front of a

Understanding teen suicide

What causes someone to go from thinking about suicide to attempting it? Dr. David Shaffer, the director of child and adolescent psychology at Columbia University and a leading expert on suicidal behavior, says that the causes may be complex, but the patterns are usually straightforward. In recognizing the early warning signs, it may be possible for family and friends to help prevent suicides. Dr. Shaffer explains the risks and what you can do. At what age do people begin to have suicidal thoughts? We don’t have a lot of information about the frequency in pre-high school kids, but I think

9 People Commit Group Suicide in Japan

TOKYO (AP) — Nine people in two groups were found asphyxiated in sealed cars, apparently the latest cases of group suicides that have surged in Japan, police said Friday. Six bodies — five men and one woman in their 20s — were discovered early Friday in a car in Chichibu, about 50 miles northwest of Tokyo, said Ichiro Fukumoto, a spokesman with Chichibu police. Fukumoto said three charcoal burners were still smoking in the car when the bodies were found, and the windows had been sealed with tape. Authorities thought the six met over the Internet before dying together in