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Missionary Couple Slain in Mexico; Peace Pact in Puebla

Mexico A married couple who had served for 28 years as Baptist missionaries in Mexico were murdered on last week Tueday at their home near Monterrey in El Cercado, Santiago, Nuevo Leon.

The area has suffered heavily from attacks by drug cartels in recent weeks, including the murder of the mayor of El Cercado, leading to the tentative conclusion that the crime was committed by people serving narcotics traffickers.

In Mexico, Church’s Influence Wanes as Evangelism Grows

ZINACANTAN, Mexico — After Pedro Gonzalez Perez, 38, lost sight in his left eye during a drunken stupor, he said he desperately searched for help, but found none in the town’s grand Catholic church. “It’s very difficult to find the Catholic priest to talk to when we have a problem. He only comes to the village every 15 days or so,” said Gonzalez, a mason, who then turned to a small but growing Christian evangelical church on the edge of town. There, the pastor, who holds services several times a week, talked to him every day to help him stop

Mexicans petition modern saints

In one cathedral, faithful pray to the Captured Infant for the safe release of kidnap victims By IOAN GRILLO MEXICO CITY – Yolanda Contreras lay a bouquet of white roses at the base of the 3-foot-high statue known as the Holy Captured Infant and then fell to her knees and prayed that her nephew would be freed from his kidnappers. Contreras, 49, said her sister’s son had been nabbed by thugs on his way home from a private high school at the beginning of December. The family could not afford to pay the $30,000 ransom that the kidnappers were demanding,

MEXICO CITY — An American woman and her Mexican husband were acquitted on Friday of charges of killing a Mexican girl, after a government commission told the judge that prosecutors or experts witnesses had committed irregularities in the case. The acquittal drew praise from human rights activists, who accuse police and prosecutors of mishandling investigations or framing suspects in more than 100 women’s killing since 1993. Bloomington, Minn., native Cynthia Kiecker and her husband, Ulysis Perzabal, said they had been tortured by police and forced to confess to the May 2003 slaying of 16-year-old Viviana Rayas. The couple spent more

Mexico shamed by 300 women’s deaths in the borderlands

In the industrial Mexican town of Ciudad Juarez, across the border from Texas, women look at every man as a potential rapist or serial killer. In the past decade, more than 300 women have been raped, battered and strangled to death here, their bodies dumped on stretches of wasteland alongside abandoned cars and scraps of rubbish. Most were under 25 and all were poor, which may explain why many of the cases remain unsolved. In virtually any other city, a massive manhunt for the killer or killers would have been launched years ago. But in macho Ciudad Juarez, where the

Churches help fund missionary’s defense

Man jailed in Mexico for having drugs sold over counter in U.S. OKLAHOMA CITY – Churches in Oklahoma and Texas are trying to raise money for the legal defense of a missionary jailed in Mexico for possession of drugs commonly sold over the counter in the United States. Police stopped Steve Frey on Aug. 20 in the border town of Reynosa, Mexico, and checked medications in Mr. Frey’s van. Mr. Frey, of El Paso, was charged with transporting a prohibited controlled substance and avoiding a federal checkpoint, according to a Mexican indictment. He was sent to a federal penitentiary in

American woman, husband arrested in murder in northern Mexico

CHIHUAHUA, Mexico – Cynthia Kiecker says she and her Mexican husband stood out as “kind of the hippies of Chihuahua,” a conservative northern Mexico city where cowboy hats and boots are the norm. A native of Bloomington, Minn., Kiecker ran a boutique with her husband. Signs inside the now-vandalized store advertise tarot-card readings, dreadlock weaving and faith healing with stones. Her husband, Ulysis Perzabal, a musician, had waist-long hair – until it was shorn by police. The couple says being different landed them in jail for the murder of 16-year-old Viviana Rayas. They have been accused of Satanism, and say