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In recession-hit Hungary, churches take over state schools

Hungary Local government officials in Hungary are handing state-owned schools over to churches, unable to afford their upkeep during the economic recession, according to church sources.

“Churches are entitled to run schools in Hungary as public service providers, receiving the same taxpayers’ money as public sponsors,” said Balazs Odor, ecumenical officer of Hungary’s Reformed Church.

Christian News Agency Ordered To Register With Hungary’s Media Authority

BosNewsLife Central and Eastern Europe’s first online Christian news agency, BosNewsLife, was ordered Wednesday, February 9, to register with Hungarian authorities under a new controversial law that critics say is part of a crackdown on independent media.

Under the new law electronic media such as BosNewsLife could face fines of over $100,000 and broadcasters nearly $1 million if their news coverage is deemed unbalanced, immoral or violating human dignity.

Commando frees Hungarian woman from sect in Slovakia

Bratislava, August 11 (MTI) – Slovak police commandos freed a Hungarian woman from the clutches of a Slovak sect in the early hours of Friday, MTI learned from an unofficial source in Bratislava. The 34-year-old woman, who had been living in Florida with her husband, entered into correspondence with a non-medical practitioner who purported to specialise in herbal cures around Kralovsky Chlmec in eastern Slovakia. Two months ago she left for Slovakia to get acquainted with the practitioner. Since that time she had not contacted her husband or any of her relatives living in Hungary. The family made a series