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Evangelist invited to visit Sudan

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Evangelist Franklin Graham plans to travel to Sudan at the invitation of its Muslim government, which he has criticized for military actions against predominantly southern, Christian rebels. Graham, son of Rev. Billy Graham, said he was invited to visit Khartoum next week and meet with Sudanese President Omar el-Bashir as part of efforts to complete a peace agreement in Sudan’s 20-year civil war. The conflict was blamed for more than 2 million deaths. “This is a government I’ve been critical of, but I do commend them for the steps they’ve taken,” Graham added. “We may not agree

Graham’s works defy anti-Muslim image

The State (South Carolina), June 26, 2002 (Opinion) By VAN KORNEGAY, Guest columnist Muslims, media pundits and even other evangelicals have taken evangelist Franklin Graham to task for saying he thinks Islam is a “wicked and evil religion.” Some have called on him to keep his relief organization, Samaritan’s Purse, out of Iraq, claiming its presence would be inflammatory. Many will brand Graham as intolerant and divisive for his words, but they should also consider his work before trying to banish him from the Muslim world. It is work that has not only alleviated human suffering but also has

Graham Invitation Irks Muslims at Pentagon

Clergyman Has Called Islam ‘Evil’ Washington Post, Apr. 15, 2003 By Alan Cooperman, Washington Post Staff Writer Tuesday, April 15, 2003; Page A02 Muslim employees of the Defense Department are protesting plans for the Rev. Franklin Graham, who has called Islam an evil religion, to lead Good Friday prayers at the Pentagon. In letters to the Pentagon chaplain’s office, Muslim office workers said they were dismayed by the choice of Graham and urged officials to find “a more inclusive and honorable Christian clergyman” to lead the April 18 service. Graham’s statements about Islam “have been very controversial and divisive,”