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Christian Pastors Found Guilty of Vilifying Islam

Pacific Rim Bureau ( – Christians in Australia are pondering the implications of an explosive ruling handed down Friday by a legal tribunal, which found that two Christian pastors had vilified Islam. Immediate reactions ranged from an evangelical commentator’s view that the decision spelled “the beginning of the end of freedom of speech in Australia” to that of a liberal church denomination which said it sent a welcome message to “Christian extremist groups.” One of the pastors at the center of the dispute said he was saddened by the outcome, but he predicted it would galvanize Christians and other Australians

When legal absurdity is watched world-wide

A religious vilification case has embarrassed the plaintiffs and shown the stupidity of the law, says PIERS AKERMAN. In a case being closely followed around the world, the Victorian Government has effectively placed Islam on trial under its controversial Racial and Religious Tolerance Act 2001. It didn’t mean to, of course. The legislation was intended to shield religions — particularly Islam — from scrutiny and was championed by the Islamic Council of Victoria and other Muslim organisations before being passed by the Bracks Government in mid-2001. Indeed, the current matter was the first brought under the flawed legislation when it

Hate case judge assures Americans no one is going to prison

A Victorian judge has reassured Americans that the Christian respondents in the state’s first religious hate case do not face jail. Judge Michael Higgins told a tribunal yesterday he had received a call from the Department of Foreign Affairs over concerns about the case raised in a “considerable” number of emails from Americans. Both sides in the case, the first brought under Victoria’s Racial and Religious Tolerance Act, say it has attracted interest in Muslim countries as well as in the West. The Islamic Council of Victoria has alleged that Catch the Fire Ministries, Pastor Danny Nalliah and speaker Daniel