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Debate on the merits of hate-speech laws

All Fired Up About Faith The case of two preachers found guilty of vilifying Islam stirs debate on the merits of hate-speech laws Daniel Scot and Danny Nalliah, both Pentecostalist Christians, are accustomed to taking risks for their faith. A decade ago, Nalliah, a Sri Lankan-born Australian, narrowly escaped being caught with 400 smuggled Bibles in Saudi Arabia, where preaching Christianity is a crime. Scot, who grew up Christian in Muslim Pakistan, fled to Australia in 1987 after he was charged with blaspheming against the Prophet Muhammad, an offense punishable by death. In March 2002, the Catch the Fire Ministries,

Pastors reject apology order over Koran comments

A Christian pastor found guilty of vilifying muslims says he is prepared to go to jail in protest over Victoria’s racial tolerance laws. Two pastors involved with the Catch the Fire Ministries were last year found to have vilified Muslims at a Christian conference, and on a website, by suggesting the Koran promotes violence and terrorism. In Context Christian Pastors taken to court to silence criticism of Islam Hate case judge assures Americans no one is going to prison When legal absurdity is watched world-wide Christian Pastors Found Guilty of Vilifying Islam Verdict in ‘Vilifying Islam’ Case Exposes Christian Fault