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Brainwasher conned clients out of money

Brainwasher conned £250,000 A counselor who “brainwashed” her clients, swindling one out of nearly a quarter of a million pounds, has been warned she faces a long jail sentence. Mary McCullagh was convicted on Tuesday of a series of deceptions, the majority of which involved preying on vulnerable recovering alcoholic Nicole Anderson in the aftermath of her marriage break-up. Judge John Beashel told an expressionless McCullagh: “The extent of your dishonesty is simply breathtaking and you face a long prison sentence for all these cynical offences.” During the trial, the court heard McCullagh, 59, now of Farnoak Park, Wexford in

Clarke wants terrorists treated like victims of cult brainwashing

Charles Clarke is studying proposals to combat Islamic terrorist groups by treating them as religious cults. The Home Secretary has told colleagues that anti-brainwashing techniques used to “deprogramme” cult members could be employed to fight the sort of fanaticism behind the July 7 bombings. “What we know about other religious cults may offer some insight into how these men ended up behaving in this appalling way,” he said last night. He believes that there is no point in seeing extreme Islamists in the “classic” mould of revolutionaries fighting for a political cause. A closer parallel is with recruits to cults,

How brainwashing came to life and thrived

Director Jonathan Demme fiddles with the classics again. After a remake of “Charade,” he now offers up “The Manchurian Candidate” for a nervous, post Sept. 11 era. The original 1962 film featured Angela Lansbury as a political Svengali and Frank Sinatra as an Army major who tracks down Laurence Harvey, an American soldier captured during the Korean War and programmed through hypnotism for assassination by Chinese Communists. The film was based on a 1959 best-selling book by Richard Condon. For all the critical acclaim and subsequent political attention (Did Lee Harvey Oswald see it or not?), the movie flopped initially

Suspicion firms on brainwashing insurance cheat

WAKAYAMA — A man who brainwashed an adopted son into killing himself so he could claim a hefty insurance payout on a car took elaborate measures to make sure his plan would work, police said. Kenichi Fujitaki, 35, made sure he opened the window just enough to let water stream into the car his adopted son Hiroshi Umino used to drive off a cliff and into the sea last October, killing himself, police said. Fujitaki is also accused of having spent considerable time checking out coastlines to find the place where Umino could kill himself easiest. Police suspect Fujitaki brainwashed

The mystery of mind control

Deleting memories is simple with computers, but as the movie Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind shows, it’s still – as far as humans are concerned – the stuff of science fiction. Or is it? Charlie Kaufman’s new film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, tells the story of Joel (Jim Carrey), who has the memory of a soured relationship erased from his brain by a slightly sinister research organisation, Lacuna Inc. Mind Control / Brainwashing “Social scientists seeking to debunk the brainwashing conjecture have often spoken as if extensive research has already been done on the behavior of cult

Suit accuses congregation of ‘brainwashing’

For Fort Lauderdale church, quick dismissal would be a spring break LOUISVILLE – Angus Walton, a commissioned lay pastor, was surprised to learn that his congregation had been sued. One day a process server showed up at the door of the Sunset Presbyterian Church, a redevelopment congregation on the edge of Fort Lauderdale’s inner city, and handed the church secretary a summons. That was surprising enough, but the real mind-boggler was the nature of the complaint: Sunset Presbyterian is accused of brainwashing people with Jesus. Why Sunset Pres? Walton has no idea. “I wish I knew,” he says, in a

Brainwash victims get help putting pieces back

Thursday, March 4, 2004 Ex-cultist Karen Robidoux is just one of several mind-control group escapees recovering from a life of brainwashing at a unique Lakeville deprogramming center. Related This is a sidebar to: More kids will die: Cult mom breaks her silence More stories that mention Meadow Haven Meadow HavenNew England Institute of Religious Research Bob Pardon to the rescue Ex-cult counseling resources “It bothers me terribly that people are used and abused in the name of God,” said Robert Pardon, director of the nonprofit New England Institute for Religious Research and the Meadow Haven safe house. Meadow Haven has

‘Evil predator’ kept woman slave in garage, jury told

The man accused of keeping a woman as a slave in the garage of his family home was an evil predator, a jury heard yesterday. In his closing address, prosecutor Peter Faris, QC, said Graeme John Slattery, 42, had systematically broken down the woman’s identity to the point where she would do anything he ordered. “The evidence clearly establishes that Graeme Slattery is a violent man, that he is an evil man. He is a predator who preys upon vulnerable people,” Mr Faris told the Ballarat County Court. Mr Faris said Slattery had selected the woman in 1996, when she

‘I was a zombie slave’ woman claims

A woman broke down in the witness box yesterday as she described being turned into “a complete zombie” by the man accused of treating her like a slave. “I was in a situation where everything had been taken from me. My own being was no longer there,” she told a County Court jury in Ballarat. Mind Control According to certain academics known as ‘cult apologists‘ – a title that reflects their habit of defending cults (example) – brainwashing does not exist. Research resources on brainwashing “He just inflicted pain on me the whole time, whether it was physical or emotional.”

The Brainwashing Defense

Summary: Sniper case puts cult indoctrination to the test. Lawyers for accused sniper Lee Boyd Malvo are using an insanity defense that claims John Allen Muhammad, 42, indoctrinated Malvo, 18, into a “cult of two,” such that Malvo could not distinguish right from wrong. Malvo is on trial for last year’s Washington D.C., area sniper shootings and will face the death penalty if convicted. Psychologists and legal experts are skeptical about the insanity-by-brainwashing defense, though some cult experts are adamant that the youngster was, in fact, brainwashed. Muhammad plucked 15-year-old Malvo from the Caribbean island of Antigua, where his mother