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Gag order is sought in lawsuits over brainwashing

Mark Schwartz Lawyers for St. Louis, MO treatment center want a gag order placed on all parties involved in a lawsuit against the center that has attracted international media attention.

two women claim a therapist at the center hypnotized them into thinking their eating disorders stemmed from past involvement in Satanic cult.

Family Brainwashed by Dad Struggles to Heal

Marcus Wesson Marcus Wesson committed the worst mass murder in Fresno’s history — killing two adults and seven young children.

Neighbors’ accounts led police to believe that Wesson controlled his family in a cult-like manner, and that he possibly had fathered several of the deceased children with his own daughters and nieces.

Several of Wesson’s sons initially rose to his defense, but in tonight’s ABC Primetime they tell ABC News correspondent Jay Schadler that only now, years after the crime, can they see their father for what he was: psychotic, delusional and narcissistic.

Oxford ‘guru’ Thierry Tilly accused of torturing French aristocrats

Thierry Tilly Thierry Tilly, an Oxford-based Frenchman, has been arrested over allegations that he kidnapped, tortured and brainwashed several generations of an aristocratic family into giving up their fortune.

Thierry Tilly, 45, allegedly posed as a secret agent to convince the rich and highly educated De Védrines family that they were the lost descendants of an ancient society called L’Equilibre du Monde (The Balance of the World), and that he had “superhuman powers” to help them reclaim their illustrious past and its “limitless treasure”.

Former cult member says child abduction victims face similar brainwashing

Cult expert Steven Hassan Cult expert Steven Hassan, a licensed mental health counselor from Massachusetts, has spent the last three decades using his two-year experience in the Moonies cult to dissect brainwashing that occurs when someone joins a cult or is abducted.

He shared his story during a speech titled “Psychology of Mind Control Over Abducted Children” at the National Amber Alert Training Symposium, which is sponsored by the Justice Department.

Sect Members: Brainwashed or Believers? Experts Question Whether Polygamist Sect Members are Victims of Brainwashing.

Between hysterical sobs, the women of the Yearning for Zion Ranch in rural Texas tearily pleaded Monday for the return of their children from state custody, but at the mere turn of a phrase, those tears mysteriously, uniformly stopped. So, are these women just fanatically, independently religious, or are they victims of something more sinister, like mind control? Mental health professionals told that it may all depend on how you define brainwashing.

Ottawa target in brainwashing case

Patients were put in isolation, tied down or drugged, and subjected to hours and hours of taped recordings meant to brainwash them. They were subjected to massive electroshocks, experimental drugs and LSD, all at the behest of the CIA, a federal court was told on Wednesday. Now it’s time for the federal government to compensate the hundreds of victims whose lives were damaged, argued lawyer Alan Stein.

Five years for cash con therapist

A counsellor who brainwashed her client into giving her more than £200,000 has been jailed for five years. Mary McCullagh, 59, who was living in Fordingbridge, Hants, told Nicole Anderson she would return the cash once she inherited a fictitious £9m estate. Miss Anderson had been referred to the practice in Bournemouth in 1997. McCullagh, who now lives in Ireland, was found guilty of 12 counts of obtaining money by deception and one of obtaining property by deception. Judge John Beashel jailed her for a total of five years, telling her she would be released after two and a half