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Media have reported the name of this group as both Ashram Shamballa and Ashram Shambala.

In addition, the name of the leader has been reported as either Nikolai Rudnev or Konstantin Rudnev.

Jail-dodging “sex guru” arrested

Russia The leader of a notorious quasi-religious cult, suspected of recruiting thousands of people and turning them into voluntary sex slaves, has been arrested in Russia.

Konstantin Rudnev, leader of the “Ashram Shambala” sect has been put in custody in the Western Siberian city of Novosibirsk and charged with sexual assault, rape and the creation of a society involved in violence and the violation of human rights, police said.

Konstantin Rudnev, leader of major Russian sect detained in Siberia

Russia Police have detained the leader of Ashram Shambala, one of Russia‘s largest sects, near the West Siberian city of Novosibirsk, a deputy police chief said on Tuesday.

He was put on the federal wanted list in the 1990s after it was determined that the sect’s ideology was “anti-social and anti-family, deliberately opposing itself to society in general.” The police operation was aimed at freeing several sect members, including an underage girl from Belarus.

Founder of Group “Similar” to Aum Shinrikyo Arrested in Russia

Novosibirsk, 24 September: Konstantin Rudnev, the founder of the Ashram Shamballa organization of a religious orientation , has been detained in Novosibirsk Region, the press service of the Russian Interior Ministry’s main administration for the Siberian Federal District told RIA Novosti on Friday . Ashram Shamballa’s activities are clearly aimed against society, the press service said, which was why it had been outlawed. Criminal proceedings against its leaders date back to 1999. Ashram Shamballa, the press service went on to say, is spiritually similar to the