Man sentenced to 15 years in ‘Vampire Cult’ Murder

James T. Gay James T. Gay, the fourth of the five so-called “Vampire Cult” murder suspects was sentenced to 15 years in prison Friday.

Gay help ambush Jacob Hendershot in July 2011.

The case picked-up the name “Vampire Cult” when one of the accused claimed to be part vampire, part werewolf. [Read more...]

Vampire killer Tracey Wigginton wins parole, expected to be free in weeks

Tracey Wigginton Australia’s “lesbian vampire killer” Tracey Wigginton, who stabbed a man to death and drank his blood, is expected to be released from prison within weeks after an independent parole board decision.

Her co-accused lover, Lisa Ptaschinski, was released in 2008. [Read more...]

Woman accused of luring teenage boy to his death claims to be member of vampire cult

Stephanie Pistey A Florida woman jailed in the slaying of a 16-year-old boy says she and her cohorts were members of a vampire cult and that she loves drinking blood.

The 18-year-old denies drinking the victim’s blood after the murder, but reportedly claims she has drunk the blood of her fiance and co-defendant. [Read more...]

Missing 16-Year-Old’s Parents Fear Girl In Vampire Cult

In an unusual story about three missing kids, CBS Atlanta has learned three Cobb County students all disappeared within a few days of each other.

The three McEachern High School teens were said to be involved a Goth lifestyle, had an obsession with vampires, and then they disappeared each within a week of each other.

Two of the teens turned up over the weekend. But Shelby Elllis, a 16 year old sophomore, is still missing and her parents fear the worst.

Shelby has been missing for three weeks. On Oct. 11, she took the bus to school and never came home. Her last known activity on the Internet was logging onto the website “Vampire Freaks,” where her parents say she lived a double life.

“You have the obvious thoughts of pentagrams and candles and the crazy things that you see on TV that are associated with the darker cult lifestyle,” Rich Ellis said.

“A lot of them are in this dark, ‘let’s be gothic, let’s be different, let’s suck blood.’ All kinds of dark stuff,” Wendy Ellis said.

She said the three girls were fascinated with vampires and the dark side of life. [Read more...]

Arizona ‘Vampires’ arrested after stabbing roommate for blood

Aaron Homer and Amanda Williamson Police have released additional details on a stabbing that took place in Chandler earlier this week. The story has attracted national attention as the “vampire stabbing” after suspects told police they practice vampireism and paganism and said they were trying to suck the victim’s blood.

Police say the victim, 25-year-old Robert Maley, was stabbed after refusing to let his roommates suck his blood. [Read more...]

Vampires get their teeth into US public

Vampirism Vampires are in fashion across the United States, encouraged by the hit TV series “True Blood,” now in its third season, the “Twilight” movies and “Vampire Diaries.” Stories about feeding on blood are greedily consumed and eagerly published.

For a pastime with dark, anti-religious overtones vampire fashion is itself becoming oddly like an organized religion. There are rules, priests, private gatherings and large-scale celebrations. [Read more...]