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Jury gives Milam death sentence

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Posted: Thursday, May 27, 2010 12:00 am | Updated: 9:28 pm, Sat Nov 20, 2010.

Labeled by prosecutors as a “monster” who deserves “the ultimate penalty,” convicted murderer Blaine Keith Milam was sentenced late Thursday night to die by lethal injection for his role in the beating death of his girlfriend’s daughter.

Milam, 20, was convicted of capital murder May 17 for killing 13-month-old Amora Carson, the daughter of his girlfriend, Jessica Carson.

Amora Carson died from blunt-force trauma inflicted on her Dec. 2, 2008. Milam and Jessica Carson, both of Rusk County, said they repeatedly struck the toddler with an unknown object in an attempt to remove demons from the child during an exorcism. An expert during the trial said 23 of 24 bite marks found on Amora Carson’s body belonged to Milam.

Jessica Carson is in the Rusk County Jail awaiting her trial. Milam’s trial had been moved to the Montgomery County Courthouse from Rusk County because of pretrial publicity.

The six-woman, six-man jury deliberated more than eight hours Thursday before unanimously deciding to send Milam to death row.

For Milam to receive the death penalty, the jurors ruled he would be a continual threat to society and had a role in Amora Carson’s death. Although Milam’s attorneys argued their client was mentally retarded and was faced with mitigating factors in the murder, the jury rejected both claims.

After discharging the jury, Rusk County Judge J. Clay Gossett sentenced Milam to death by lethal injection, pending a mandatory appeal by the state. Because of the automatic appeal, no date for Milam’s execution was set.

As the decision unfolded, Milam’s mother, Shirley Milam, and his sister Teresa sobbed as they embraced each other.

While Rusk County District Attorney Micheal Jimerson and Texas Attorney General Assistant Prosecutor Lisa Tanner declined comment, Rusk County Sheriff Danny Pirtle lauded the jury for providing “some closure” for the family of Amora Carson.

Conroe attorney Stephen Jackson, a member of Milam’s defense team, said Milam “doesn’t really understand what just happened. He just keeps asking, ‘Why are they doing this to me?’”

“He is child-like and mentally retarded and this is wrong. We look forward to our appeal,” Jackson said.

Earlier in the day, prosecutors spent Thursday asking the jury to find Milam capable of committing acts of violence and that he would remain a continued threat to society.

Defense attorneys, however, argued Milam should be spared the needle because he is a person with mental retardation, and that there were mitigating factors in the murder of Amora Carson, such as Milam’s limited education and his substance abuse.

Tanner and Jimerson did not concur with that argument.

Tanner said there was only one reason for the trial – and that was Blaine Milam.

“It was his conduct, actions and decisions,” she said.

Milam was the primary actor in Amora Carson’s death, Tanner said.

“He is a monster,” she said, adding that Milam deserves the “ultimate penalty.”

“If he (Milam) was abused as a child, that would be mitigating evidence, but what could mitigate this, this, this and this!” Tanner said as she flashed a series of autopsy photographs of Amora Carson. Crystal Zapata, a high school friend of Jessica Carson, turned her tear-stained eyes away from the images.

Jimerson began the day posting a photograph of Amora Carson on the overhead viewer and talking about how the “special days” Milam had enjoyed while growing up would never come for the toddler.

“She looked to make people smile,” he said. “You can’t look into those eyes and imagine the pain she suffered.

The only day Amora Carson will enjoy is “a day of justice,” Jimerson said.

Lead attorney Rick Hagan, of Longview, reiterated the defense team’s argument that Jessica Carson bore the greater responsibility for her daughter’s death.

“(The crime) didn’t take place in a vacuum,” Hagan said.

The evidence is “obvious” that Jessica Carson is “equally guilty of murdering Amora Carson,” he said.

Hagan also brought up how Milam, a registered sex offender, had been on a work release program with Rusk County several days before Amora Carson’s death.

“I’m not telling you Rusk County had blood on their hands. If they had done their job and put him away, Amora Carson would still be dead.”

Jackson said Milam would not be the worst person on Texas’ death row and that Milam is not shrewd or cunning. Instead, Milam is a “simple person” who is “unintelligent.”

“He will be victimized if he goes to prison,” Jackson said. “He will be picked on from the word go.”

Although Milam had parents who loved him, Jackson said they provided him with “nothing” to extend his life.

Because of Milam’s family history of heart problems, Jackson told the jury that Milam would, in all likelihood, face a short life span whether or not he’s sent to death row.

“He’ll be dead within five to seven years if you say the death penalty,” Jackson said. “Given the medical conditions (in prison), I don’t think he’ll live much after his mid-40s.”

Jackson said life without parole would confirm that the state’s criminal justice system works and is “good.”

“Otherwise, we would take Blaine Milam and hang him from the highest tree,” he said.

Howard Roden can be reached at hroden@hcnonline.com.

Welcome to the discussion.


  • HOLYMOLYCOLEY posted at 5:44 pm on Sun, Sep 22, 2013.



  • PhotograFyJunkie posted at 11:09 pm on Fri, Sep 2, 2011.

    PhotograFyJunkie Posts: 2

    Thank God for a Jury and Prosecutor who don't buy into the BS.

  • PhotograFyJunkie posted at 11:08 pm on Fri, Sep 2, 2011.

    PhotograFyJunkie Posts: 2

    I understand I am coming into this conversation a little late but I have a little to say after reading some of this "fooey." You know, I see a lot of you saying poor him, hes retarded, poor him, his mama didnt love him enough. I have a sister who is mentally retarded. She still knows right from wrong - and has since she was in 4th grade and at a kindergarten grade level mentally. My own daughter has issues of her own being in 3rd grade and my son 2nd and they both know what happens if you kill someone. So why should anyone say, "Let's rehabilitate him. He will be alright after that. His head is just sick." REALLY!! Let's do that. Rehabilitate him and make him someones next door neighbor so they have the ability to BBQ together and maybe (this is the part more drugs come in - or is it the devil?) lets see who else can kiss the rest of their life goodbye. There does not have to be anything wrong with someone for that person to just get "the urge" to do something obscene or insane. I used to work at a prison and do you know how "comforting" it is to know that these seemingly normal men and women have done things that any "normal" person could not even bring themselves to think about doing? Drug laws being more harsh than they currently are still will not change a single thing in the aspect pf people not doing them. There will always be someone breaking the law and always some way someone seems to overdose and kill themselves or someone else while on drugs. Same concept as "Don't push the big red button." Some just have to push the button to see how much they can get away with. I am a God fearing woman but as far as blaming the Devil and the "evil demons" that tell people to hurt or kill someone is a bit overplayed. Honestly, how many people are going to try to pull that. BUT, anyway, I know its a year and a half late comment but things are hectic in my life enough so maybe I should plea mental retardation or insanity and blame it on demons?

  • dd59 posted at 1:44 pm on Sat, May 29, 2010.

    dd59 Posts: 20

    you reap what you sow..........that goes for all of us

  • pprwrtr posted at 10:41 am on Sat, May 29, 2010.

    pprwrtr Posts: 13513

    proscenium--You are exactly the type I would want on a jury if I killed somebody. You seem to believe anything. Why do you think you know more than the jury does? Were you at the trial? You seem to or think you know more than they do. Do you know anything about con games and tricks defense lawyers constantly use to get their client a lighter sentence? Have you been in a cave all your life? Come out and experience the 21st century! This isn't even a new trick and you don't seem to know about it!

  • pprwrtr posted at 10:34 am on Sat, May 29, 2010.

    pprwrtr Posts: 13513

    wadlands64--It's not nice to imply that someone is going to hell. Take care of your own business and your own sins, instead of ignoring them and pointing out all the sins of others!

  • aufwachen posted at 4:39 am on Sat, May 29, 2010.

    aufwachen Posts: 0

    So, the defendant didn't get the punishment his defense attorney wanted so the system is bad. That is insulting to the jurors and the difficult task they were given.

  • wdlndstx30 posted at 4:08 am on Sat, May 29, 2010.

    wdlndstx30 Posts: 0

    I don't believe you fully read what I posted. I'm not saying that mentally ill people deserve the same treatment as other criminals.I'm questioning if, in fact, Milam is even mentally ill at all. It's a huge coincidence that this comes out now when through the whole guilt phase he was described as healthy, average, and well-adjusted. Again, having a 4th grade education is not the same as being mentally retarded.I'd also like to add how much I thank the jury for their service. I can't imagine how awful it must have been to see and hear these tragic things.

  • proscenium posted at 3:45 am on Sat, May 29, 2010.

    proscenium Posts: 0

    Would a "normal" person, in his "right mind" do something so twisted and horrific?Of course not.Only someone very, very mentally ill could.So, there is something profoundly wrong with him.We don't punish people for being ill with cancer or diabetes or a heart condition.So why are we so cruel to people with sick heads?It's fear and ignorance. We're threatened by the idea that human beings (people like us) are capable of sick acts. But the criminal justice system must make a distinction between mentally ill people who are out of their minds and need help, and sane bad people who hurt others for their own gain. Sick people need help, support, compassion.Sane bad people need rehabilitation.We're out of the jungle.It's 2010.Let's be civilized in our treatment of the mentally ill.

  • wdlndstx30 posted at 3:30 am on Sat, May 29, 2010.

    wdlndstx30 Posts: 0

    I've followed this case from the beginning, and Milam's supposed "mental difficulties" were not even an issue until 2 days after the jury found him guilty. Suspicious timing? I think so. They spent the entire guilt phase pulling stuff out of their rears to save him from a conviction. Then, all of a sudden, he's found guilty and the defense is saying, "yeah, he did it, but he's mentally challenged." Nice strategy, but unconvincing.His mother said he was slow. What wouldn't a mother say to try and save their own son? She'd probably tell the judge her son was green and purple if she thought it would help anything.He was pulled out of school in 4th grade because his mother (also a drop-out) was going to home school him. That never happened, and he never returned to school to receive any sort of education. There's a huge difference between being mentally retarded and uneducated. There's no question that he's dumber than dirt. It doesn't mean there's something "wrong" with him.He's a very calculating person, as all the actual evidence showed. Having testimony from paid individuals working for the defense and family members that love him is just chatter. The exorcism aspect of the case was just one of the many stories Milam and Carson made up to try and explain this away. I don't believe that all murderers should fry, but I believe that it was the right decision in this case. woodlands64 -- did you hurt your back when you overreached for that comparison?

  • proscenium posted at 2:21 am on Sat, May 29, 2010.

    proscenium Posts: 0

    The only thing more horrifying than Milam's crime, is the primitive response of the jury and some of the people commenting on this article.Their lack of knowledge and understanding about mental illness is terrifying.Mentally ill people require treatment and rehabilitation. They respond to it.The fact that someone is slow and very disturbed calls for us to be compassionate and to use all the medical, educational and other tools we have to bring him (and others like him) into the community of healthy human beings.To kill a killer is to stoop to his level, and to react like a caveman, not a citizen of the 21st century.God help us all if we are ruled by vengeance and fear, rather than reason.There are people who are psychopaths (extremely mentally ill).They must be locked away (but not killed).And there are others who do bad things, but don't understand why they did nor why it's wrong.Those are the ones we should all reach out to, and help.Otherwise, we are hypocrites.We say we love life above all else, but really, if it is inconvenient, or if we're offended, we say"off with his head".This is no way to create a better world.I'm saddened by this story.

  • Concerned Driver posted at 1:44 am on Sat, May 29, 2010.

    Concerned Driver Posts: 1

    Justice is served and now go get the other one.

  • chk_240 posted at 1:29 am on Sat, May 29, 2010.

    chk_240 Posts: 62

    How bout using him as a junk shot for oil well?

  • teqsterntexas posted at 3:44 pm on Fri, May 28, 2010.

    teqsterntexas Posts: 0

    Benevolus ya had a great post and almost had me until, the argument about his illness at the punishment part. if he is ill, aka, mental issues, then shouldn't, that have been brought up in pre-trial motions? if it wasn't shame on him and his attorneys. texas is for the most part, kill me, then the state will kill you. regardless of your emotional, smarts, reason. and for that i'm proud to live in texas. white, black, or hispanic, ya kill someone ya get the death penalty.

  • Romeisburning posted at 2:59 pm on Fri, May 28, 2010.

    Romeisburning Posts: 0

    A father brutally killing a child.......Not much different than a mother that butchers her child through abortion... You know, suck the child into a vacuum, or shove a set scissors through a fetus's neck....Both will have a judgement day...

  • Belle posted at 12:53 pm on Fri, May 28, 2010.

    Belle Posts: 0

    We need much tougher drug laws in this country. If people were not willing to buy or steal drugs, there would be no market for drugs. There would be far less crime and killings of the innocents. A person makes the decision to allow the use of drugs to clould his reasoning and thought processes. But we all must take some responsilbility for allowing this to go on in our country. Drugs are leading to the downfall of our way of life as we had known it. How many couples do you know that are actually legally married? How many women do you know that actually allowed all their pregnancies to reach full term. It is all about us and what keeps us from feeling any discomfort or inconvenience. It is time to quit assigning labels and look in our own mirrors. I am not making any excuses for the terrible acts of these two people. But, under the influence, any of us can do things that we will later regret.

  • LibertyConroe posted at 8:56 am on Fri, May 28, 2010.

    LibertyConroe Posts: 0

    -------------------------what is it about people NOT UNDERSTANDING that ALL persons who kill other persons are "mentally ill" ?-------------------------Well, I don't agree with that at all. If I kill someone because I want their car, or wallet, or because I don't want to care for this child any longer, that's not mental illness. That's moral depravation. That is strong moral culpability. That is the "worst of the worst" and we should consider the death penalty.If I kill someone because I'm delusional and believe he's going to cast a spell on me and turn me into a newt...that's mental illness. What good does the death penalty do? What does it say about us if we kill a sick (ill) person? That person should be segregated from society until maybe someday when he's regained permanent clarity (if he ever does). If he remains ill, then we merely protect ourselves from him by keeping him away from us.I didn't watch this trial, so I don't know which category the evidence pointed to Milam belonging to. But, from what we've read so far (demons and exorcism), it leads me to consider the second category.And finally folks....just because the defense attorney's were arguing that Milam was mentally retarded or whacked out of his mind of drugs, doesn't mean they were "excusing" Milam's actions. It seems they were explaining them in an effort to give the jurors a fuller picture than the prosecutions mere labels of being a "monster". It doesn't mean they wanted Milam to go home. Or be released after a few weeks. Or to go live with your sister. They just didn't want to State to kill him for being crazy.

  • BossDogg posted at 7:42 am on Fri, May 28, 2010.

    BossDogg Posts: 0

    I believe the jurors, prosecutors, judge and the DA all deserve a raise and a round of applause for convicting this animal for what he did, this is Montgomery County Criminal Justice at its finest!!! He deserve every bit of what they gave him. Now on to better news...

  • hanau posted at 7:32 am on Fri, May 28, 2010.

    hanau Posts: 0

    .mzdungoodperson wrote :"..there is special circumstances for those who are proven mentally ill.."________________________what is it about people NOT UNDERSTANDING that ALL persons who kill other persons are "mentally ill" ?shouldn't matter what some paid-for psychiatrist says for the defense !.

  • TX_Val posted at 7:25 am on Fri, May 28, 2010.

    TX_Val Posts: 2

    And besides, who's surprised, how many Sane people beat an infant to death?

  • TX_Val posted at 7:24 am on Fri, May 28, 2010.

    TX_Val Posts: 2

    Mentally Ill or not, some people are to dangerous to be on the street. Did you read what they did? Sure, let's let them run a daycare.What is wrong with people. What would you rather do, put them back on the street? Sure, you got a house on your street open for them? Leave them in jail for life? Sure, that's not Cruel or anything, so they can think, Why are they doing this to me... every day. Or let's just put them in a straight jacket in a padded room.I do something like this, hang me. I think Life in prison is cruel and unusual. Shoot me in the head if I mess up this bad.

  • SOLIDEAGLE posted at 7:07 am on Fri, May 28, 2010.

    SOLIDEAGLE Posts: 10

    One monster down, one to go.RIP Amora!!

  • serendipity posted at 7:00 am on Fri, May 28, 2010.

    serendipity Posts: 0

    Steve Jackson get a clue!!! Who cares if he is "picked on" in prison. I have seen personally how you defend the law breakers and it makes me sick. Do you care for one second what that little girl went through at that monsters hand? What if he did have a bad home life and parents that didn't care? That is no excuse for becoming a sex offender and a murderer. I'm so sick of the oh poor guy attitude just because of how someone grew up. No one has the Beaver Cleaver life truly, and when you make excuses for someone especially the magnitude of what those two monsters did to that little girl you are part of the problem! He doesn't deserve an appeal..needs to go straight to his punishment!

  • In The Woodlands posted at 4:59 am on Fri, May 28, 2010.

    In The Woodlands Posts: 0

    I agree with Robbie. This must have been a horrible trial to sit through. AND, thank GOD for the wise prosecuting team! I feel so bad the child had to go through such a gruesome murder. We can all sleep well knowing the child is in the hands of God!! PLUS! Hell is about to have another occupant!

  • Bass1511 posted at 4:36 am on Fri, May 28, 2010.

    Bass1511 Posts: 27

    "He is child-like and mentally retarded and this is wrong."___________________Don't insult children and mentally ill people with this statement - even a child wouldn't do what this monster did to that baby. His mother and sister were "sobbing" after the verdict - if they cared so much, what was little Amora doing with him in the first place? That poor little thing had nobody to help or protect her.Stories like this just make me sick.

  • tiger for life posted at 4:30 am on Fri, May 28, 2010.

    tiger for life Posts: 11

    THANK YOU jury for giving this baby the justice she deserves. As for the POS attorney's, have known one of them in particular since we were kids and this particular person is just as creepy as the CREEPS they defend. If only we had stoning or flogging to death then this precious little girl would truly have her justice. It's funny how the defense says this guys is "retarded" (which by the way is not a term used in mental health anymore) but there is not a single doctor that willl concur this defense "diagnosis". Nice try guys, thank you jury for seeing the brown of thier eyes.

  • BigTexN posted at 3:38 am on Fri, May 28, 2010.

    BigTexN Posts: 0

    Sentenced to die by lethal injection?? Would that injection be Gulf Oil Spill water?

  • pprwrtr posted at 3:23 am on Fri, May 28, 2010.

    pprwrtr Posts: 13513

    He certainly played out this one as to the mentally ill thing! You can be 'mentally ill' and know not to do what they did! So every person who is 'mentally ill' has a passport to do this same thing, according to the defense attorneys, who should be locked up with him for the rest of their lives. The dregs of society!! They have no decency, honesty, or pride and are shameful/disgraceful! So he gets an 'automatic appeal?' How many appeals did the child have? So unfair to the victim! He's been tried and that's enough! Who pays for this second trial? Ridiculous! These monsters kill people and we have to pay for all their trials, privileges, and support! The decent citizens are the ones who are getting taken for a ride!

  • texasgurl posted at 2:47 am on Fri, May 28, 2010.

    texasgurl Posts: 2

    excuse me, Mister attorney, but being "mentally retarded" is no excuse to torture and beat to death an infant. That is a slap in the face to every mentally challenged person out there! To say that he will be victimized while on death row is a joke! Who cares what happens to this piece of trash that had absolutely no regard for this precious baby's life? I hope he gets it every single day he is in there. How in the world do these lawyers even sleep at night? Unbelievable! Too bad he didn't die already from his "heart problems", then maybe this angel would still be alive. Next, send the "mom", and I use that word lightly to her death with death.

  • robbie posted at 1:22 am on Fri, May 28, 2010.

    robbie Posts: 0

    God bless the jury and all they have had to endure during this horrible trial! I think this guy is getting off way to easy with the death penalty. He needs to suffer the way that precious baby did! Also, the mentally ill plea is a bunch of crap. Maybe I should try that next time I get pulled over and see if I get off... I am sure the mom's attorney wants to make sure her trial is no where near Montgomery County because we will fry her too! I think she is far worse than this creep. How could she watch/participate in this attack on her own flesh and blood? Nothing but a piece of s***!!!

  • smrtrthnu posted at 12:38 am on Fri, May 28, 2010.

    smrtrthnu Posts: 51

    BOO HOO HOO!! He might be "slow" from all the inbreeding and he might be slow in his little brain from all the murderous thoughts he has, but "retarded"? Who cares? Kill the no good piece of @#$% and get it over with. I don't want to support this clown with my tax money while he rots in prison, do you?

  • namechange posted at 12:08 am on Fri, May 28, 2010.

    namechange Posts: 1197

    I know it was very painful for the jury to hear the testimony in this trial. It will remain embedded in their minds. It will always be there. I have total respect for the jury to have reach this decision.

  • Mrs Do Gooder posted at 7:45 pm on Thu, May 27, 2010.

    Mrs Do Gooder Posts: 252

    I understand the jury made a difficult decision. But there is special circumstances for those who are proven mentally ill. But sometimes, it can go either way. There are SO MANY I did not realize, but listed just a few here...I "googled" the words mentally+ ill+ Houston+ death row...but it got me thinking how many in other parts of the country too? These are only the LOCAL ones:-----------------------------The Houston mother who killed her 5 children, Andrea Yates ring a bell?http://www.nytimes.com/2002/03/16/us/mother-who-drowned-5-children-in-tub-avoids-a-death-sentence.html--------------------------http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/metropolitan/6921866.html Houston killer Rulford Aldridge on death row-------------------------http://www.aclu.org/capital-punishment/texas-appeals-court-rejects-appeal-innocent-man-death-row-28-years Max Soffar death row upheld--------------------------http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/01/09/andre-thomas-texas-death-_n_156765.html killer Andre Thomas on death row eats his own eye-----------------------------------------http://axisoflogic.com/artman/publish/Article_57517.shtml Gerald Eldridge killer eats last meal incompetent to complete execution------------------------------Elkie Taylor+ Raymond Riles+ Mabry Landor III+ Michael Hayes++++++++



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