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RNB Roundup: Wicca, Religion Stylebook, Scientology, David Attenborough and more…

Religion News In today’s RNB Roundup: David Attenborough receives hate mail • Another Scientologist attempts to give medical advice • Survey Reveals Americans’ Feelings about Wicca • Another example at to why Sharia — Islamic law — does not catch on in civilized countries • Resource: Religion Stylebook available free online.

Plus: the Church of England is on a mission to convert the so-called spiritual-but-not-religious

Court: Custody ruling not based on mom’s Wicca religion

Wicca A Southeast Arkansas woman who argued she lost custody of her son because of a judge’s perception of her alleged practice of Wicca lost her appeal Wednesday before a divided state Court of Appeals Wednesday.

In a 4-2 ruling, the appeals court affirmed a decision granting custody to the child’s father, though the judges disagreed on whether the lower court considered the mother’s religious beliefs.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer slaying church attendance among women, study claims

Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy Summers The old-fashioned attitudes and hierarchies of churches are causing a steep decline in the number of female worshippers, according to an academic study.

The report claims more than 50,000 women a year have deserted their congregations over the past two decades because they feel the church is not relevant to their lives.

It says that instead young women are becoming attracted to the pagan religion Wicca, where females play a central role, which has grown in popularity after being featured positively in films, TV shows and books.