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Vedic City newest in Iowa

Southeast of Des Moines, just north of the peaceful hamlet of Fairfield, is a very small town, and it is like nothing most Iowans have ever seen. This city of roughly 150 people is not the smallest in Iowa, but it is the newest to be incorporated. The city itself is laid out according to the principles described in the Ayurveda and reflect the circles within circles of the Vedic zodiac. What draws people from around the United States and the rest of the world to this remote location? For some, it is the Maharishi University of Management where experts

Newton, Vedic plans rejected

Des Moines Register, Nov. 15, 2002 http://www.dmregister.com/ By LYNN OKAMOTO The state’s Vision Iowa board this week rejected plans for a motor speedway in Newton and magical theme park in Vedic City, and said it may pull the plug on money for Urbandale’s new soccer stadium if plans remain unclear. However, organizers for all three projects said Thursday they were undeterred by the board’s action and would proceed with their plans. “It is by no means a dead deal,” said Urbandale Mayor Brad Zaun when asked about the soccer project. The board’s action comes as Vision Iowa is running low