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Vedic City to break ground on housing for 500

MAHARISHI VEDIC CITY — Members of the Transcendental Meditation movement plan to lay the cornerstones today for 46 new buildings intended to house 500 Vedic pandits from India. Maureen Wynne, city attorney for Maharishi Vedic City, said today is Akshaya Tritiya, considered to be an auspicious day for starting projects. “It’s a day in the Vedic calendar where, if you do things, they have a lasting achievement,” she said. Akshaya Tritiya marks the birthday of Parashurama, the sixth incarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu. The buildings are scheduled to go up this summer, Wynne said, and organizers hope the pandits

Maharishi Vedic City Growing And Developing For Its Citizens

(Maharishi Vedic City, Iowa)–Many new things are beginning to shape up for the 200 or so citizens who have already made Maharishi Vedic City in Southeast Iowa their home. “It’s so exciting. It’s been our dream for so many years to have the city develop. We’ve had the goal of developing toward 8,000 residents. We are seeing a lot of good progress in that direction,” says Maureen Wynne, City Attorney. In a recent city council meeting officials approved contracts for expanding its university campus housing, a more than $200,000 sewer construction project and signed a new contract for its wastewater

Vedic City Plans World Peace Meditation

County Residents Fear Sales Tax Funds Religious Activity MAHARISHI, Iowa — Not everyone is at peace in Jefferson County with the possibility of using tax dollars to bring in experts on world peace. The plan in Vedic City is to attract 500 special meditators — called pandits — in an effort to bring about world peace through meditation. The city already has a building project under way to house the pandits, and some county residents fear that the local share of the sales tax proceeds will fund the project. The city was founded in 2001 by followers of Maharishi Mahesh

Vedic City organic farm gets federal grant money

USDA will pay for staff to market and sell farm’s products. MAHARISHI VEDIC CITY — The United States Department of Agriculture has announced it will give a $144,700 grant to Maharishi World Peace Vedic Organics to fund the marketing and sale of organic salad greens and sunflower oil. Maharishi World Peace Vedic Organics is the arm of Maharishi Vedic City that runs the city’s organic farm, which grew a crop of sunflowers during the last growing season. Bob Wynne, mayor of Vedic City, said the $144,700 from the government will pay for a full-time sales and marketing person, staff for

Vedic City formally gets new name

City drafts statement of philosophy, begins first road project. MAHARISHI VEDIC CITY — Iowa’s newest city and Fairfield’s neighbor to the north has a new name. The city council in Vedic City, incorporated in July 2001 by followers of Transcendental Meditation guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, decided about two years ago to add “Maharishi” to their city’s name. Transcendental Meditation Behind the TM Facade How Transcendental Mediation really works, a critical opinion Transcendental Meditation news tracker Research resources on Transcendental Meditation Under state law, any change to a city’s name must be approved by the voters at a regular city election,

Supervisors OK Vedic City local option tax

Burgmeier says he’ll fight any attempt to use taxes for Vedic pundits; M.U.M. lawyer responds to religion question. Transcendental Meditation Behind the TM Facade How Transcendental Mediation really works, a critical opinion Transcendental Meditation news tracker Research resources on Transcendental Meditation After expressing reservations about the measure, Jefferson County supervisors approved an ordinance this morning enacting a local option sales tax in Maharishi Vedic City. After voters in the city approved a ballot measure bringing the city under the umbrella of the county’s 1 percent local option sales tax, the supervisors were required by state law to pass an ordinance

Vedic City officials meet with supervisors

Issues discussed include separation of church and state, tax’s impact on other communities in the area. Officials from Vedic City, Fairfield and Jefferson County discussed concerns about the use of Vedic City’s local option sales tax at the Jefferson County Board of Supervisors’ meeting this morning, focusing primarily on First Amendment concerns and whether the tax would adversely impact other communities. Transcendental Meditation In 1979, the United States Court of Appeals in Philadelphia ruled TM was religious in nature. The appeals court’s ruling upheld a lower court’s 1977 injunction against teaching TM in public schools on the grounds that it

County Supervisors to Discuss Vedic City Use of Sales Tax

(Fairfield-AP) — Representatives from Vedic City and the Jefferson County supervisors are scheduled to meet Monday morning to discuss the city’s planned use of proceeds from a local option sales tax. Supervisors are required by state law to pass an ordinance ratifying Vedic City voters’ decision to take part in Jefferson County’s local option sales tax. The supervisors say they are concerned about the proposed uses of the money. They decided to hold public hearings before they pass the ordinance. The ballot approved by Vedic City voters in September says they want to use their share of the county’s local

Vedic City says sales tax won’t hurt county

City attorney responds to county supervisors’ questions. Vedic City officials say even if the city’s population increases with the addition of pandits practicing the Transcendental Meditation program, the increase shouldn’t have a negative effect on any other projects being funded by Jefferson County’s local option sales tax. Jefferson County supervisors asked during their weekly meeting Monday morning whether an influx of people to Vedic City, along with a recertified census making the increased population official, would result in the city getting a large enough share of the local option sales tax money collected in the county to cut dramatically into

Supervisors question Vedic City sales tax

Possible impact on law center, civic center is discussed. Jefferson County supervisors and Fairfield’s city attorney raised concerns about Vedic City‘s local option sales tax at a public hearing this morning. According to state law, the supervisors must pass a county ordinance ratifying Vedic City voters’ decision to add themselves to Jefferson County’s 1 percent local option tax. Vedic City’s portion of the tax revenue for Jefferson County will be allotted to “support peace creating experts and facilities for those experts.” After Vedic City incorporated in July 2001, it was no longer part of the county’s local option sales tax.