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Solomon’s Temple in Brazil would put Christ the Redeemer in the shade

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God One of the world’s largest and most controversial Pentecostal churches has been given permission to build a $200m (£130m) replica of Solomon’s Temple in Brazil’s economic capital, São Paulo.

The 10,000 capacity “mega-church”, which is the brainchild of Brazil’s Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, will also house a replica of the Ark of the Covenant and be built according to “biblical orientations”.

Universal Church treasurer faces fraud charges

Ten years after a New York Post expose (and here), the world’s largest Pentecostal church has been called to judgement for their allegedly devilish dealings in the city.

Regina DaSilva, the New York treasurer for the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, was hauled to court in handcuffs today to face charges that she repeatedly lied to the Attorney Generals’ office and Manhattan judges in securing $22 million in mortgage loans.

The loans, 11 in all, were taken out by DaSilva on behalf of the church on two of the church’s properties — one in Woodside, Queens, and the other in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn, prosecutors charge.

Those two churches and a half dozen other branches throughout the city were the subject of a Post probe in 2000, which revealed shady fundraising in which worshippers were urged to turn over their savings to win God’s grace.

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Evangelical leader, 9 others charged in Brazil

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God The founder of the Brazil’s Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, and nine other church leaders, are charged with money laundering and fraud.

The public prosecutor has said that Brazil is considering filing formal requests with several countries for cooperation in researching the church’s financial dealings. Those countries eventually include all countries where the UCKG operates, including in almost all Africa countries.

Church sues HIV-positive ex-member

Televangelists The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God also goes by the name of “Stop Suffering.” However, the church causes lots of suffering by preaching its heavy-handed brand of the so-called Prosperity Gospel: God can only heal you or bless you financially if you first give him money — by giving it to the church.

In Uganda, one former member who did not get healed after donating her car to the church demanded her car back. Now she is experiencing the cult’s wrath.