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Amish beard cutting cult attacked ‘out of compassion’

raelians In today’s edition of Religion News Briefs: Appeals court orders punitive damages against jailed cult leader Tony Alamo reduced from $60M to $24M. Also: cult expert Stephen Kent addresses the decline of Scientology. And the Raelian Movement — a UFO cult — really knows how to latch onto free publicity.

Plus some surprising news in the blasphemy case against a young Pakistani Christian girl. And more…

Blair says his religion didn’t influence Iraq war decision

Former British prime minister Tony Blair said on Friday his religious beliefs did not play a role in his decision to support the US-led invasion of Iraq, during a debate about the merits of religion in Toronto.

That’s obvious. If you claim to be a follower of Jesus Christ, and yet commit yourself to engaging in illegal warfare on the basis of lies you can indeed not blame your religion.