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Outraged cries over swastikas

An overnight spree of anti-Semitic vandalism at three Bronx synagogues has brought an outpouring of outrage at the hate crimes from an ecumenical rainbow of races and religions. Police, who have branded the spray-painting of swastikas and other hate symbols on three Jewish houses of worship as hate crimes, are reportedly looking into a possible connection to a previous rash involving a convicted neo-Nazi. Elected officials, clergy and representatives from several denominations and racial groups turned out in force on Friday at the Temple Judea at the Community Center of Israel in Allerton to decry the desecration. That temple, the

Call for Europe-wide swastika ban

German politicians have called for Nazi symbols to be banned throughout Europe after Prince Harry was pictured wearing a swastika to a fancy dress party. The Liberal group in the European Parliament says all of Europe suffered because of the crimes of the Nazis, so there should be a continent-wide ban. A senior Christian Democrat said the proposal may be discussed at the next meeting of European justice ministers. The symbols are already banned under German law. The Holocaust The Nazis’ final assault on the Jews from 1933-1945 Estimated 15m civilians killed by regime 6m Jews murdered 1942: Gas chambers

Gang Attacks Paris Woman, Draws Swastikas On Stomach

Chirac Denounces Mounting Racial Violence PARIS — A gang of young men attacked a woman riding a suburban train with her infant, cutting her hair and drawing swastikas on her stomach. Other passengers watched but did nothing, police reported. French politicians issued denunciations Sunday as news of the Friday morning attack spread through the nation. Updates: Story Not True Frenchwoman Says She Lied About Anti-Semitic Attack Anti-Semitic lie: Woman convicted Police said the gang of six set upon the 23-year-old woman on a suburban train north of Paris and grabbed her backpack where they found identity papers that showed an

French Mosque Vandalized, Daubed with Swastikas

April 16 — STRASBOURG, France (Reuters) – Vandals have burned the entrance to a mosque in eastern France and daubed swastikas on the walls, police said on Friday. A rubbish bin outside the mosque was set on fire in the early hours of Thursday and the flames damaged the entrance to the building in the town of Haguenau, just north of Strasbourg. Two swastikas and a Christian cross were also daubed on the mosque’s walls. Police did not know who was responsible for the attack. France is trying to ease tensions with its Muslim and Jewish communities, the largest minorities

Move afoot to detoxify ancient, once-benign swastika symbol

Can the swastika be redeemed? Before the Nazi Party adopted the swastika and turned it into the most potent icon of racial hatred, it traveled the world as a good luck symbol. It was known in France, Germany, Britain, Scandinavia, China, Japan, India and the United States. Buddha’s footprints were said to be swastikas. Navajo blankets were woven with swastikas. Synagogues in North Africa, Palestine and Hartford, Conn., were built with swastika mosaics. Now there is a small movement afoot to help “the swastika get on with its benign life,” to separate it from “the sins of the Nazis.” Is