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Steven Tari — who referred to himself as ‘Black Jesus’ — was the leader of a religious cult in Papua New Guinea.

In October 2010 he was convicted of raping 4 young girls who belonged to his sect. He was sentenced to up to 10 years in prison, but in March 2013 Tari escaped along with 48 other prisoners.

On August 29, 2013, angry villagers killed Tari and one of his followers as they were attacking a young woman.

Cult leader on the run in Papua New Guinea

A cargo cult leader known as “Black Jesus” is on the run in Papua New Guinea after police clashed with his warriors and arrested 30 “flower girls” allegedly exploited by him for sex. Police and prison officers went into mountains in the northern province of Madang to flush out the cult this week. They met strong resistance from cult warriors carrying guns, spears and bush knives, police said. Eight officers would have been overrun by the warriors during a half-hour clash if another seven-man police unit had not arrived in time, one of the patrol leaders, Inspector Jim Namora, told