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Amish beard cutting cult attacked ‘out of compassion’

raelians In today’s edition of Religion News Briefs: Appeals court orders punitive damages against jailed cult leader Tony Alamo reduced from $60M to $24M. Also: cult expert Stephen Kent addresses the decline of Scientology. And the Raelian Movement — a UFO cult — really knows how to latch onto free publicity.

Plus some surprising news in the blasphemy case against a young Pakistani Christian girl. And more…

Professor says Scientology church tried to isolate him

Irish Times, Mar. 6, 2003 A professor of sociology who has written books and articles critical of the Church of Scientology and other organisations told the High Court yesterday the church was attempting to isolate him within the academic community. Prof Stephen Kent, who is based in Canada, made the claim in the ongoing action for damages by Ms Mary Johnston (40), who operates a sports equipment centre at Westwood, Foxrock, Dublin, and who is a former member of the church. She has sued the church and three members of its Dublin mission – Mr John Keane, Mr Tom Cunningham