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Jews better at sex than Christians: theologian

Jews are better at sex than Christians, according to a Swedish theology professor speaking at the Hönö Conference of Christian faith groups organised each year off the west coast of Sweden.

Leif Carlsson, a speaker at the Hönö Conference, wants Christians to come to terms with the faith’s negative views on sex and compare them with those found in Judaism, according to a report in Christian newspaper Dagen.

The Hönö Conference is has been held since 1945 and is organised by the Mission Covenant Church of Sweden.

Online Islamic sex-shop opens for business

El Asira Islamic sex shop online Abdelaziz Aouragh is a Muslim, lives in Amsterdam, and deals in sex articles. His website, El Asira, calls itself “the first Islamic online webshop for sex articles and care products”.

“I knew that Muslims do have a need for sex products. People bring them back from the Middle East and give them to young couples,” he said.

Vicars thank God for sex toys

London: A British couple who launched a website selling sex toys to conservative Christians has revealed that vicars are some of their best clients. Stella Hagarty and husband Stan revealed that they had decided to launch ‘Wholly Love‘ to show normally reserved church-goers that sex is a gift from God, and that it should not be treated as something sinful. And the website seems to have gotten its stamp of approval from God himself, as vicars make up some of the couple’s best clients. “We have been expecting a storm of protest over what we’re doing, but we’ve had no

Christians offered marital thrills

Sex toys and aids can be ordered from a new Christian website, Wholly Love. Its message is: “Sex is a great gift from God — we stock products to enhance your sex life with your spouse!” Many items are being offered at a January sale price on the site, which went live this month. The top seller so far is chocolate body paint, which comes with a brush. Also in the range of products on offer are body stockings, “lovers’ weekend kits”, fishnet briefs, and vibrators. Wholly Love has been set up by Stan and Stella Hagarty. They describe themselves