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Pastor Phil Aguilar pleads not guilty to felony weapons and gang charges

Phillip Aguilar, 61, pastor of the Anaheim-based Set Free Soldiers, pleaded not guilty to charges of being a felon in possession of a handgun, ammunition and brass knuckles, and of being an active gang participant.

Four other members of the group, including his son, Matthew, 29, pleaded not guilty to weapons and gang charges, and another pleaded not guilty to attempted murder.

Cops: Biker gang masquerades as Christian ministry

Phil Aguilar In more than 25 years at the helm of his biker-inspired Christian ministry, Phillip Aguilar has counseled Hells Angels, married Mongols and provided a place to crash for just about every hog-riding gangster and drug addict he’s ever met.

But police say after years of bringing God to outlaws, Aguilar’s chopper-riding Christians may have morphed into just the kind of gang they claim to save people from.

Christian bikers glad pastor is out of jail

Phil Aguilar The attempted murder charge against Aguilar was dropped, and prosecutors have charged him and two other members with weapons violations and street terrorism.

Aguilar said during the raid last week, a legally-registered pistol was discovered in his son’s, Phillip Aguilar Jr., room. Another son has brass knuckles that he got in Asia. He hopes once the gun is explained in court, charges will be dropped.

Seven members of Set Free Soldiers, including leader Phil Aguilar, charged with conspiracy to commit murder

Set Free Soldiers Although Set Free has been praised for its streetwise approach, its detractors say it is an autocratic organization that exerts too much control over its members by confiscating their belongings and forcing them to break off relationships with friends and families.

Law enforcement officials and former members say that the group has devolved into a motorcycle gang like any other.

Arrested: Christian biker gang members and Phil Aguilar of Set Free Churches Worldwide

Phil Aguilar More than 150 officers are serving search and arrest warrants this morning on members of a Christian motorcycle gang and the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club stemming from a double stabbing that occurred at a Newport Beach bar more than a week ago, police say.

Also behind bars is Pastor Phil Aguilar. He is the founder and director of Set Free Churches Worlwide, according to the group’s Web site.