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Dutch court extends prison for 4 Muslim terror plotters

Samir Azzouz An appeals court on Thursday increased the prison sentences of four Islamic radicals accused of plotting attacks on Dutch politicians, convicting them of the additional charge of membership in a terrorist organization.

While testifying as a defense witness in a case against several of his friends, ringleader Samir Azzouz told judges: “We reject your system. We hate you. I guess that about sums it up.”

Amsterdam’s soft approach to jihadists

Amsterdam has always been the most mixed of cities. In 1653 the English poet Andrew Marvell characterised it as “Turk-Christian-pagan-Jew”, and today the city’s biggest religion is Islam. Twelve per cent of Amsterdammers say they identify with the faith, more than with Catholicism or all Protestant denominations combined.

Report: Dutch terrorism suspect hoped to shoot down El Al plane

THE HAGUE – A Dutch terrorism suspect arrested in October allegedly hoped to shoot down an El Al airliner at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, a television program reported Friday, citing police and secret service documents. Samir Azzouz, 19, was one of seven suspects arrested in four Dutch cities on Oct. 14 on suspicion of plotting a terrorist attack. Azzouz, the son of Moroccan immigrants, was acquitted in April of accusations he had planned to attack a Dutch nuclear reactor. His lawyer, Victor Koppe, has said he is also not guilty of the latest allegations reported by the television program Nova. Prosecution

Dutch seek 7-year sentence for suspected militant

AMSTERDAM, Mar 23 (Reuters) Dutch prosecutors called for a 7-year jail sentence today for a Dutch-Moroccan teenager accused of planning attacks on Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport, a nuclear reactor and government buildings. Samir Azzouz, 18, went on trial in a high-security court in Rotterdam in February after authorities found items in his home last July, which prosecutors say indicated that he was planning such attacks. Prosecutors have also linked Azzouz to a militant Islamist network dubbed the ”Hofstad group” by Dutch intelligence that is suspected of murder plots against politicians critical of Islam. ”We see this as a serious crime, made