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House of SIST leader found empty after barricade situation lasting overnight

R C Samanta Roy Baltimore County police were searching for at least one suspect in the assault on an 18-year-old woman that led to a barricade Wednesday around a Pikesville house owned by a suspected religious cult leader.

Police said Avraham Cohen is not a part of the investigation into the incident, and he was not believed to be at the residence at the time of the assault, but the victim might have been part of the organization.

Baltimore Area Authorities Raid Home of SIST’s Avraham Cohen

R C Samanta Roy The home is owned by Avraham Cohen, the President of the Samanta Roy Institute of Science and Technology. Police say they do not believe Cohen is directly involved, but other members of his group may be.

The raid came after a young woman was assaulted inside the home. She was taken to the hospital with serious injuries, including internal injuries.

Alleged cult-related murder-for-hire list rattles small town

Rama Behera A small town in Wisconsin is rattled by a supposed hit list allegedly sent by someone associated with a secretive group SIST.

For 30-plus years the group has been led by a man once named Rama Behera, now called Dr. Avraham Cohen.

The group says it’s an educational non-profit, but over the years news reports, public records and former members have characterized it as a religious cult, a charge a lawyer for the group strongly denied.

Samanta Roy Institute of Science and Technology shrouds small town in bad publicity

Rama Behera The Samanta Roy Institute of Science and Technology this month became more than a curiosity when Shawano residents learned that a member of the group is suspected of putting together a written threat against 60 people in the community. A Canadian businessman who has financial dealings with the group provided the list and has turned police informant.

The threats implied that the group wanted people causing them problems “taken care of,” Shawano police Chief Ed Whealon said.