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Scientology front buys Larry Hagman estate

A Scientology front group, Social Betterment Properties International, has bought Larry Hagman’s estate. Here’s what those front group are all about.

Femen holds a bare-chested ‘Jihad’ in protest of calls for the stoning death of an activist in Tunesia.

Also: Children who are wards of the State of Oregon can be vaccinated despite their parents’ religious objections.

Rick Warren’s youngest son commits suicide.

Salafi preacher says girls can marry at 9; Moroccan scholars outraged at fatwa

Muslim girl Morocco’s Supreme Scientific Council condemned a fatwa issued by a Salafi preacher that permits girls to marry at the age of nine. The council filed a complaint with the Rabat preliminary court, which has opened an investigation.

The Council said in a statement Sunday that the fatwa issued by Sheikh Mohamed al-Maghrawi has no religious validity since its reasoning is based on only one individual case—the marriage of Prophet Mohamed to Aisha bint Abu-Bakr, who most Muslims believe was nine-years-old, in the 7th century.