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Religion News Briefing: Scientology, Ayn Rand, Ronald Weinland, more

religion news Today: Scientology defectors tell why they left; Ayn Rand’s philosophy examined from a Christian perspective; and Germany cracks down on Muslim extremists.

Also: A pastor charged with physically assaulting a 13-year-old boy as a way of disciplining him; and another look at Pro-Ana websites.

Plus: Failed doomsday prophet Ronald Weinland guilty of tax evasion.

Hamas worried about rise in support for religious sect

These believers, known to Gazans as salafis, will not discuss politics or matters such as the tahadiyeh or the “Zionist enemy.”

They are not a political group, yet some Hamas members see them as a threat, especially in the public arena. They are a kind of sect of Sunni Islam that has operated throughout the world since the dawn of Islam, calling on believers to imitate the ways of the prophet Mohammed and the group of his companions known as the sahabah.