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Robert Schuller says his financial future is at risk

Crystal Cathedral Positive thinking guru Robert Schuller has published a video in which he says his “financial future may be at risk” due to the bankruptcy of the Crystal Cathedral Ministries.

Crystal Cathedral Ministries says in a response that the $3.5 million settlement the Schullers demand would leave the ministry virtually no funds to continue its ministry. Meanwhile vendors are still owed $12.5 million.

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Robert Schuller’s televangelism empire in chaos over family split

Robert A. Schuller and Robert H. Schuller Once one of the nation’s most popular televangelists, the Rev. Robert H. Schuller is watching his life’s work crumble.

His son and recent successor, the Rev. Robert A. Schuller, has abruptly resigned as senior pastor of the Crystal Cathedral — home to the “Hour of Power” broadcast.

The church is in financial turmoil: It plans to sell more than $65 million worth of its Orange County property to pay off debt.

Schuller’s son resigns as Crystal Cathedral pastor

Robert Schuller and son The Rev. Robert A. Schuller, ousted in October as the preacher of the long-running Christian television program “Hour of Power,” has resigned as senior pastor at the Crystal Cathedral and plans to open his own ministry.

Church founder Robert H. Schuller removed his son as the sole preacher on the 39-year-old television show after the younger Schuller, three years into the job, refused to rotate his role with other pastors, the church said.

Rev. Robert H. Schuller ousts his son as ‘Hour of Power’ preacher

Robert A. Schuller and Robert H. Schuller Robert H. Schuller removed his son Saturday as preacher on the syndicated “Hour of Power” television show less than three years after handing over to him the ministry he began more than 50 years ago.

It remained vague Saturday what prompted the schism between the father and son who have been the face of “Hour of Power,” which is syndicated worldwide.