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Religion News Roundup: “I’m perfect, You’re Doomed,” Elves, the Shroud of Turin, and cult killer art

Religion News Roundup Today’s Religion News Roundup includes stories about elves, a ship operated by a religious sect, mosques facing the wrong direction, and mosques possibly spied upon by the FBI.

Also: “I’m Perfect, You’re Doomed.” Yes, it’s about Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Further, the definitive book on the Columbine High School massacre. Germany’s main Neo-Nazi party faces collapse, and according to the Vatican the Knights Templar hid the Shroud of Turin.

Religion News Roundup: vampire-free school; Scientists who believe in God; FLDS: ‘compound’ or ‘ranch’?

Religion News In today’s RNB religion news roundup: a vampire-free school; another look at a Scientology cult compound; Question: do the FLDS polygamists in Texas live on a ‘ranch’ or a ‘compound’.

With ‘brainwashing’ and ‘deprogramming’ in the news (1 Mind Ministries), we highlight some cult-related terminology; Free e-book: 50 Nobel Laureates And Other Great Scientists Who Believe In God.

Ethics: Spanish court weighs inquiry on torture for 6 Bush-era officials; probably not related, but a study says that the ‘eye for an eye’ approach does not pay.

The Church Around The Corner (where we find our offbeat religion news) includes a Baptist preacher who wants to again run for the organization he bilked.

And that’s not all…

Religion news roundup: A Raelian bishop; the Anti-Christ; Robert Schuller on Twitter; 3 prayers for $4.95; Scientology…

Religion News In today’s Religion News Roundup: • Robert Schuller Twitters. • Why Scientologists are targeting Haiti. • Jailed cult leader Wayne Bent plans to appeal his conviction. • The Anti-Christ vs. Honduras.

Also: • The state of Virigina is ready for bioterrorism. • Jehovah’s Witnesses swamp small town. • Man who shot dead pastor at church says he is not guilty. • A Raelian bishop alleges religious discrimination. • Transcendental Meditation couldn’t save hotel.

• Jailed: Muslim pilots who prayed instead of taking emergency measures.

• Plug and Pray? Nope. Pay and Pray.
Plus: • How Mormons try and explain a failed prophecy. • Heresy hunters hunted. And more…

RNB Roundup: religious political correctness in England; more religion news

Religion News In today’s RNB Roundup: Geert Wilders and more religion-motivated political correctness in England • What happened between a Mormon film maker and a lesbian priest • Church on fire (but not the right kind) • Religious Broadcasters (including the give-me-money-so-God-will-give-you-money-to-give-to-me scammers) tightening their belts • Church’s faith healing advertisement branded ‘irresponsible’ • The never-ending attempt to reconcile science and religion, and why it is doomed to fail. • A source guide to the Bahá’í Faith

Plus: Holocaust denier Richard Williamson on the subjects of Pink Floyd, women’s trousers and ‘The Sound of Music’

RNB Religion Roundup: Ted Haggard, Billy Graham, Scientology, UFOs and a haunted hospital…

Religion News Roundup In this editon of RNB Roundup: Scientology: death by devotion • Ted Haggard: Can a fallen pastor ever redeem himself? • Are Christians stingy? • Haunted hospital calls in exorcist • The National Religious Campaign Against Torture says its work is not over • Preacher Sues Bill Maher.

Plus: God may not care who wins, but players in Super Bowl care a lot about God • More…

RNB Roundup: Wicca, Religion Stylebook, Scientology, David Attenborough and more…

Religion News In today’s RNB Roundup: David Attenborough receives hate mail • Another Scientologist attempts to give medical advice • Survey Reveals Americans’ Feelings about Wicca • Another example at to why Sharia — Islamic law — does not catch on in civilized countries • Resource: Religion Stylebook available free online.

Plus: the Church of England is on a mission to convert the so-called spiritual-but-not-religious

RNB Roundup: a compendium of religion news stories

Religion news A roundup of religion news stories, including: • Town kicks out Scientology front group • Turns out Harry Potter is a ‘Zionist plot’ • ‘Prosperity Gospel’ feels runs into financial turbulence • Some Church of England schools cater almost exclusively to Muslim pupils • Sufi Muslims considered valuable allies in the fight against extremism • Angels call for witches’ pardons • Gay students at BYU still struggle for acceptance • Vatican rehabilitates Holocaust denier • Outrage at busty Virgin Mary fashion models — and more…

RNB Roundup for Sep. 29, 2008

RNB Roundup In today’s Roundup: Front group for the pay-to-play Scientology cult gets free use of historic house · The ‘Religion of Peace’ has some explaining to do · Scholars are looking for missing Bible pages.

Also: A backless bridal dress · Why ‘worldlies’ (outsiders) are teaching at each and every school run by an extremist cult of Christianity.