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‘Psychic’ James Van Praagh sues sister for using family name

‘Psychic’ James van Praagh is concerned that the public will be confused and deceived (but not in the way you might think).

A court has rules that the polygamous cult known as the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS) cannot intervene in the way the State of Utah runs the sect’s property trust.

And Narconon of Georgia, a Scientology front group, is being investigated for insurance fraud.

Christian News Agency Ordered To Register With Hungary’s Media Authority

BosNewsLife Central and Eastern Europe’s first online Christian news agency, BosNewsLife, was ordered Wednesday, February 9, to register with Hungarian authorities under a new controversial law that critics say is part of a crackdown on independent media.

Under the new law electronic media such as BosNewsLife could face fines of over $100,000 and broadcasters nearly $1 million if their news coverage is deemed unbalanced, immoral or violating human dignity.

Religion Reporting

religion reporting Due to economic realities — including the move of readers from print to pixels — religion news reporters are experiencing rocky times. Many have been laid off or have accepted buyouts.

Religion reporters are now looking at how they can leverage their knowledge and skills online.

Also: Religion News Blog talks about its new (and evolving) approach, including a new religion news portal project.