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‘Black Jesus’ killed * Teenage Exorcists * Syria in prophecy?

Bob Larson, who views himself as a ‘reverend’ and a ‘cult expert,’ nowadays markets himself via his team of Teenage Exorcists. Uhuh…

Jehovah’s Witnesses are in for yet another major doctrinal change which will drastically change their position.

Meanwhile, some Christians see the current problems in Syria in light of prophecy.

And in Papua New Guinea, a man known as ‘Black Jesus’ has been killed.

Fiji man held 24 hours after quake prophecy

The former head of the Fiji Visitors Bureau was briefly held by police after he reportedly sent an e-mail to tour operators warning them of a disastrous earthquake predicted by a church minister who said God told him it would strike at 2:30 pm (0230 GMT) Wednesday. Fiji’s military strongman, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama, had warned last week that those spreading rumours of the prophecy were trying to cause instability and would be dealt with under emergency regulations.